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Forget everything you think you know about this world!


Reality – a common term created to preserve what they call “the civilised mind” – is not how you know it. Never has been. Civilisation, as we know well enough, is over.

Humanity is on the brink of extinction and has been for so much longer than you’ve ever known. You know the threat and you know it’s right under your noses. War has raged between men for uncounted centuries over kingdoms, over conflicting religious beliefs and over simple freedoms.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, pure madness and greed over the last few hundred years have reached such a pinnacle that has finally sealed the fate of every man alive in this world today.   

It doesn’t end there. Your very souls are headed straight for damnation and who didn’t think that it would ever come to this? You know the Devil, the one they call Lucifer, the Giver of Light. I’m here to tell you very frankly that He is real and that He is coming to lay claim to every soul on this Earth. And who is to stop him?

Read this carefully and don’t mistake a word. I don’t care if you don’t believe in God or Him, you will soon enough. But if you don’t believe in something by now, I doubt you ever will.

Even if Christianity has a name for the Devil, the Antichrist or Lucifer, Legion, Beelzebub or Lord of the Flies, 99.9999% of us cannot possibly understand the true nature of the Dark Prince. The 0000.1% never benefit from knowing better. Chaos is the easiest word to imagine. Psychotic and cancerous, terrifying, insane and incomprehensible, all-powerful chaos!   

He is the antithesis to everything in this Universe, the opposite of everything we embrace in life. Famine, War, Pestilence and Death are all but common little tricks hidden up His sleeve. He is not the epitome of what we understand as Evil, He is in fact not a He at all. But His understanding and His white-knuckled grasp on the human heart is as clear and deep as the oceans and as crushingly powerful as the choking hand of infantile nightmares.

What you were brought up to believe in, Heaven and Hell, the battle between Good and Evil, it didn’t start with the one they called Jesus Christ. There is no record as to when it all began but long before the origins of Christianity, civilisations have been disappearing without a trace but not without explanation and that is why Christ was here. But he was no Son of God in the way that you and I are not.

Jesus Christ was the last of his kind, the Last Original Hope, and he failed. Foolishly believed his God would deliver him from Evil, rescue him, lay waste to the wicked. He didn’t!

So Christ’s crucifixion heralded the beginning of the Devil’s true rise to power. Since then we’ve been battling for control over a world of shit ever since, and for what? Since then, believers and unbelievers alike have been free to spin their tales about “the kingdom, the power and the glory” to travellers and to the weak and stupid. Men have been using the fear of God for their own sick needs ever since and the tales have never stopped spinning.

Myth became legend, truth became fairytale and the truth about Christ was lost in almost two thousand years of Chinese Whispers. Uncounted innocent and peaceful cultures and generations have died in a flurry of dismemberment and fire wherever the falsified word of Jesus spread.

So hear this, Christianity is a blasphemy and so is every other religion we know of. Insulted? Deal with it!

There never should have been an organised religion, let alone one about Christ. This world has become so dumb that even Science and Fantasy is accepted as religion. What does that tell you about the human concept of reality if you will not follow my word?

The reality is that an End is coming and the choice is yours if you make it so – either the end of Evil or the end of Existence…

Where we last left off, the natives of the “Holy Land” have been possessed and lost in murderous rage ever since the Last Hope was crucified. It’s been going on since the Romans conquered, since the English led the Crusades and so on. If they aren’t being invaded, they’ll just kill themselves.

It isn’t down to the fact that they’re just not civilised people. They were a civilisation long before we learned how to exchange simple pleasantries such as “go fuck your momma, eat shit and die or blow me, arsehole”, and such. They were making fine wines long before we learned how to make wheels that weren’t square, let alone before we had Oddbins, Wetherspoons or goddamn ASDA price!

First born, first buried!

America dragged the whole world into war against the Middle East again and this time they couldn’t stop, like there was a monkey on Bush’s back. Nothing could end the ever-growing lust for revenge, no matter how great the number of skulls in the trophy net.

I was there and I was guilty!

The time of the Beast had come. It didn’t matter that we all signed up to fight the War on Terror. No matter what good intention was. It was no more, as soon as the first bomb was dropped. But when revenge was set and equalled in numbers, it didn’t stop there. When the dictators and terrorist leaders were captured, executed, or driven off to the hills, it didn’t stop there. When news headlines exposed the killing of thousands of civilians by our hands, it didn’t stop there either. We’ve all been guilty of something during the age of this pointless war.

It doesn’t matter if you sat back in your armchairs and refused to accept yourself as a part of it all. You were alive and breathing in the wake of the killing or in the wake of the headlines of that day, so that makes you as much a part of it as those who died for it. Did you not try stop the war because it was wrong or did you not try because it was none of your business?

We’re all witnesses, accomplices, so long as we refuse to stop the killing. We’re not so civilised and never have been so we have no excuse for not standing up for something. But now you’re all that’s left of us and you are your own Last Hope and that’s all there is to it. Feel lucky?

You can tell me these are the words of a lunatic, of a doomsayer, of a religious fanatic. It doesn’t matter. You all know of The Condemned, the soldiers who came back home, unlike the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers they were before they left. It wasn’t Post-Traumatic Stress. You know what’s happening!


The Condemned!


They’re the Demons’ puppets, the claws of the Beast, the Devil’s marked ones. Just blood, flesh and bone, but soulless and without a single redeeming light. Nobody human left inside. You know the burning red in their eyes isn’t from the sandstorms or the tear gas. You know the insane voices within them aren’t their own…

You know that they aren’t your loved ones any more. Your loved ones never used to climb walls, levitate, use telepathy, to crave blood like addicts crave their heroin. To have the flesh on your bones in their twisted bellies, the remains of your children jammed between their crazed, grinning teeth…

You know they shouldn’t haunt your dreams the way they do and you know the prophetic dreams you suffer every night come oh so painfully true every waking hour of the next day and the next day after that. Explain that realistically!

I will since you can’t! The War on Terror led our soldiers to the Holy Lands and to the rest of the continent surrounding it. Now forget what they tell you about what “War Crimes” is supposed to mean. We’re just there, where we’re not supposed to be, just like everybody else who has no real reason for being there.

Figure it out, you show up toting guns and dropping bombs on the children of some Holy Man whose dad died for you in the last Gulf War (and in the Holy Land, every man is a Holy Man). His Grandpa also died for you in the Cold War and so on, and so trust me, it’s pretty fucking personal.

It seemed like every other war from the eyes of the troops. Your buddy took one life too many and it stopped being about survival somewhere around twenty headshots ago. He’d changed after his first kill, as do all men in war.

To begin with, it’s understandable. How do you deal with becoming a killer?

But when your country uses the excuse they’re hunting for weapons of mass destruction, using bombs that turn living humans inside out just to clear bunkers and caves… When they use deadly gasses that burns off their flesh or makes people bleed and haemorrhage from every orifice on their body, survival isn’t a word you need to comprehend as often as your enemy does.

Your buddy doesn’t comprehend it. In fact, suddenly there’s a lot he’s having difficulty understanding. But then he isn’t worried about survival anymore anyway. He’s killing for fun, striking up a tally ‘cause he’s a hero. But without you knowing it until it’s too late, it’s not just your buddy who’s losing his grip on reality!

Days go by and weird shit starts to happen all around you. Whether it’s all in your mind or really happening is your choice to believe and you deal with it quietly. Things happen that are no less than paranormal, supernatural, things that cannot physically be happening. Your friend is someone else altogether one day, a shell of his former self. What’s on the inside is not him and what’s on the outside shows it. 

Then the group telepathy and the dreams start. Your buddy knows he’s going mad but now he knows you all know it. Paranoia sets in. One day he goes postal and turns the gun on you and your company. He’s either killed by his own men, sectioned, or one night he disappears out into the desert and is never seen again.

Then you find out back at base that you’re nowhere near the only one it’s happened to. They’ve got a name for people like your buddy and they’re all shit scared of him. Suddenly everyone’s in agreement that what’s happening is paranormal, sharing experiences about the dreams, the voices, the telepathy. And the night you woke up from a deep sleep suddenly to find yourself floating inches above the ground…

And so they bring home whatever crazy shit has been found out here, the crazies, their babbling and raving in ancient languages. Meanwhile you’re still crossing some Holy Man’s desert having been ordered to never speak of what happened ever again.     


So who am I?


My name is William Flint, Peacemaker (Dishonoured) and I am the last of my kind. I am here firstly to tell you that the original truth is not lost. There is dark work ahead, but no darker than what prospect we face at the chance of failing again. I am here to put a stop to the Devil’s work – if it’s possible at all – and you are going to stand alongside me, whether you like it or not.

            I have been a refugee of political unrest and war, expatriated from my home that was England, sent away by my mother and father who were killed by their own Government and trained with the US Military, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

            Since then, you might say I’ve been places and seen things that make this nightmare you’re living in look like a fucking McDonalds Birthday Party!


Where does a brassy-piece-o’-shit-loudmouth-son-of-a-bitch

like me get this voodoo bullshit from?


When the world went to shit and it seemed like nothing was going to stop it, when ‘The Condemned’ were recognised for what they were, the Vatican ‘fessed up to their whole charade being a bunch of bullshit. The whole history of Christianity and Catholicism was a cover-up for the real deal and they had been exorcising the Demons within men since the fall of Christ.

            These Demons and Exorcisms aren’t the phoney God Channel comedy sketches you’ve been tuned into all your miserable life. They quickly make you realise that the mortality you take for granted so easily is not the only thing you should value.

            They not only knew of the very real existence of the so-called Lord of the Underworld and his Beast, they knew of the origins of man and his reasons for being here, to trap the spirits of the Demons within us and to take them to the grave. Into oblivion by the mouth of the maggot or more to the point, like pigs doing what they do, with all the shelf life expectancy of a bacon sandwich!

            The Secret Services – need to know basis – realised that what was happening couldn’t be denied as chaos spread across the world and the Devil’s mark was branded on us all. They called on the Vatican to help school a select list of young men from armies around the world.

            I was one of them. Back in the Middle East when I was still on just another a tour of duty, one day I was sent to see a shrink. No reason, it was just after my very own friend went crazy, killed a few friendlies and fucked off into the mountains, frothing at the mouth and squealing like a pig. They gave me the all clear, which is always a bonus.

            But then I found myself on a plane home, well not home but out of the war at least. They asked me if I was willing to do something “different” and how could I refuse? I knew it was to do with all this weird shit going on. They couldn’t claim insanity on such a large scale, they couldn’t blame contamination in the most sterile place on Earth. They had to tell me straight and ask me what I was willing to do about it. Whatever it took!

            We were the first of the Peacemakers, me and forty-four other soldiers of mixed race, mixed nationality and age. What a morbid bunch of arseholes we were!

We learned all aspects of Demonology at the same time as being trained as Special Forces troops. We also learned of the powers of Prophecy and how to use them, a talent that involves using the power of the Demons to see the future, like Michel Nostradamus.

We were tutored and mentored by an old retired Army Captain who never gave his name over the half a decade we trained under him. The whole thing was very cloak and dagger, even if the process of our training wasn’t. The Captain was more like a college professor than a war veteran, not the cold-blooded killer or the burned out shell of a man you would expect.

He demanded that we learn to disrespect each other as greatly as possible, to see who were the stronger characters, who were the weakest and who were the indifferent ones and why. He wanted us to express ourselves freely so that he could freely see inside of us.

He saw right though us to our very souls for what we were and what we were capable of. To begin with, he exposed a world of ugliness within each of us alone and turned it into something else, something we could use.

We had to be humanly capable of being Peacemakers and the meaning of being a Peacemaker was defeating our own Demons and laying the war torn world to rest. But underneath, we were modern day Exorcists, simply put. Turning night into day again!


“To battle outer Demons as ordinary men would be like burning a candle at both ends”, he once said. “If you cannot defeat the darkness inside yourself then your soul, your very essence that makes you who and what you are will be eaten away from the inside out and vice versa!”


Very plainly, we came to understand that this was when the Demon won within. This was when we were theirs for the taking. And another puppet would continue the killing and the Devil’s army would be still growing stronger.

He was unlike anyone I ever knew and there was a reason for him being the way he was. He taught discipline through dignity, he toughened us up through turning strengths into weaknesses and vice versa. More importantly, he broke the barriers of our own realities and taught us the meaning of being human.

We’re not just walking birdcages for vampire bats or closets for screaming skeletons. We have souls for a reason and that is why the Devil needs to defeat us if he is to have a winning chance at total dominance over this deity we call God. Quite simply, we are our own last line of defence and, at the same time, God’s own. The only way to see it clearly is that we are God, we are what He wants to destroy!

We know that God is everything. God is at the very least, the reason for our being, for existing. We know that miracles do happen and we acknowledge His existence merely by questioning it. Without Him there is no Us!

The power of the Demons has risen and unhinged the balance of Light and Darkness and the barriers of reality are changing with every act of evil committed in the world as we speak. Life is becoming more and more like a dream. A dream coming to its end.

And we won’t be there come our own waking hour if we let the Devil and his Beast succeed over the world of men. We are sitting uselessly in this Waiting Room between worlds, watching the night come to a close and without a hope in Hell…


So what the fuck does this washed up, bible-bashing, gun-toting war vet want with us?


I was dishonoured and sent packing for one reason, which I now know. For the same reason why the Romans hid the truth to begin with, I am an Original Hope and I had to be hidden in one place the Devil always overlooks. Failure!

            The Old Man must have known this, if I knew the way his mind worked like I think I did. He shared it with us openly and many a generous time. Where others were sent back home or back to the war, I was shipped back here to England and for what? I was dishonoured for what? I did not fail then but I know for sure that I cannot fail now.

Years later, it turns out that the Old Man was murdered by one of our own, a man I’ve been chasing down for quite some time.

The Secret Services’ Paranormal Unit has also since been decimated in the Middle East, betrayed by rogue members, probably all possessed by Demons now, if not torn limb from limb and barbecued for one of the horrid bastards’ little Holy feasts.

            The Middle East holds no significance anymore. It’s the Devil’s own and has been since the last time we lost that battle. There’ll be no more winning that place back but it’s getting late here too. The plague we’re witnessing right now has been out of control for too long.

            You’ve seen what’s on the TV. Russia and China bombing their own cities and towns or Germany rebuilding the Berlin Wall. What about the riots happening in every major city in the world? What about the mass terrorist attacks, not just on Government and Embassy buildings but on the public, churches, schools, nurseries, train stations?

The Condemned already own the streets from dusk ‘til dawn and they own your dreams and waking thoughts twenty-four hours a day. Soon there will be worse and you’re gonna want to do something about it, aren’t you?

If you don’t, I guess the maggots will be seeing you real soon, if not the Devil himself. If you choose to stay seated in your armchairs and watching the news, ignoring the chaos outside your door, if you do that then you let Evil win. And Goddamn you if that’s your choice. Otherwise…


You might say I’m looking for a few good men…

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