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A year of days and nights spent up but worth the life gone by

Time spent up but not forgotten since I said goodbye

I came for help one perfect day but never told you why                                                            

And now I’m gone with all you gave to stand the test of time!


We look at life as simple as our souls see life beyond our eyes...


The best of all things beautiful live constant in the moment

As if they urge to race their demons and win first place tomorrow

A gamble that is often met with much regret and sorrow

Me, I earned my release from yesterday...


But from whom my time is borrowed!


As wars explode around the world, then sometimes in our little lives

We sacrifice conflicted hearts to leave no single child behind

One heart was mine, one day I woke to find my world was devastated

Condemned to barely living ‘cause my presence simply wasn’t wanted!


And in this time of ageing scars, old pain is hard to recognise

So rarely do we see this for the devil’s in the details

And not always right behind our eyes...


But in your blessed nature, love, a new path has been realised!


So back to where I left you last, my heart is fixed and almost free

Though where the day will leave us soon, no other place I’d rather be

You said to me some time ago, in your eyes I was wasted here

But all this time with you my darlin’ was never lost on me!


I think you’ve left a lasting impression that I don’t want to lose

So why do I tell you how I feel when what’s best is what I never choose?


Why any bad apple shows a pretty girl its oldest rotten bruise...


Maybe it’s because I feel the need, in my own way, to tell you

That in the eyes of damaged goods, perfection equals imperfection

That even poems don’t have to rhyme to equal perfect sense

‘Cause we get nowhere in this old life by sitting on the fence!


And look just what I’ve gone and done by never having said this

I’m turning just a thank you into something like I love you, Miss!


What does a boy at my age do with a crush that’s unrequited?

He tries to get a girl to blush and then just gets arrested!


But some things I had to say about the unique things that draw me

The things that make her simply her and Gemma Nolan only

She’s dinky but wears heels like stilts, she’s cute when she gets angry

She goes to Fat Club even though she’s miles from round and wobbly...


Though you can’t deny she’s got some curves that’d defo come in handy!


She’s got a smile that got me out of bed on time and without ever fail

She’s been like summer sunshine even when it rained or blew a gale

Apparently she’s ginger but not crumbly like the biscuits though

If I was a Fox, she’d be my Scully in my own sci-fi TV show!


If anything I can regret, it’s being such a boy scout, Gem

Hoping to find the time to chat with you while Gilboy tried his routine on

Forgetting I was here to work when work was all I seemed to do

Because distracted by an angel singing, I turned around and it was you!


With all that’s come and gone there’s nothing bad that I can say

But on a chance that we might meet again I’ll save it for another day

Maybe then you’ll give me feedback, since I know you’re quite eclectic

Or maybe not because I just recalled that you’re dyslexic!


Farewell Gemma, love you loads and wish you all the best

I wish you all your heart’s content and you know all the rest

I’ll miss your songs, your angel voice; your girlish laugh amongst so much

Reminds me some of innocence, when love required no human touch!


I’ll wish I’d stayed a little longer simply ‘cause you make me smile

But like I said, my time is borrowed...


Though maybe wait a while!

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