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  Once, a man, his wife and his new born baby lived in the famous city of Sravana. His name was Yodha, as the name is he was a famous fighter. He was one of the favorite fighters of his king, Rudhrakasha, king of Sravana.But; Rudhrakasha was very disappointed in not having any children. At last, he got a beautiful girl whom he named Varadvamala.Varadvamala played and learned with Haridvarin, Yodha’s son.

                               Many years passed, Varadvamala was now a grown up girl. Her father, Rudhrakasha, was so anxious about her marriage whereas Varadvamala who was in love with Haridvarin was disappointed and wanted to say her father about this. Her father sent messengers throughout the world telling that if they were able to win in a wresting match with Yodha, he would be the man to wed her daughter as well as the future king of Sravana.

Princes from distant lands came but all of them failed to conquer the man of fight. This time Varadvamala was talking to Haridvarin about her interest in marrying him. Then he also said that he too loved her lot.Haridvarin promised to marry her and went and said to king his interest. King said, “You may marry her if you are defeating your father. And also I promise to give you the title ‘King of fight’ and also ‘King of the world’. But only if you can defeat your father.”

                                A nice fight went on. At last Haridvarin won. Rudhrakasha happily handed Haridvarin her daughter Varadvamala and kept all the things he promised to do.

                               They lived happily ever after.




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