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Through the Hawk's Eyes (Chapter 1)

Through the Hawk’s Eyes


“So we meet again.”

“So we have…”

“Have you decided yet?”

“I’m still not sure.”

“That’s not good enough. Unfortunately, I have to end you.” She takes a swing at me, but I managed to dodge it. She’s relentless with her quick and accurate attacks. I tried to counter one of the attacks, but she grazed me at my cheek and again at my leg. Blood drips from my right cheek as she goes in for the last attack. Despite my efforts to regain my strength, she managed to connect the attack to my chest and I fall to the ground.

“Hawk, Hawk, Hawk. You just never learn to give up…”

“I… I’m not… done… yet.” I go into unconsciousness.


An hour after the fight, I woke up at the same spot where I’ve lain. Blood was still pouring from my body and it’s a miracle that I’m still alive. I try to walk into town where I might find a doctor of some sort, but walking is a challenge for neither can I walk straight nor see at least five feet away from me.

From my experiences, I can see that just one decision can really impact you. After I left, they started to have their way to eliminating me, but one question does remain… Why, even after being wounded by her, didn’t she take me? I left the organization because I didn’t want to be part of a group whose intentions are for the worse of the whole world. That question has haunted me as I try to the town which is about half-a-mile away.

The town’s close! Trudging to the entrance with blood pouring from my chest down, I dropped to the ground with a loud thud. With some consciousness, I see some men coming with a stretcher and bringing me to the nearest hospital.


I didn’t wake from that until about a day and a half.

A doctor goes into my room with a prepared meal.

“Good day, sir, how are you feeling?” the doctor said as he hands my lunch to me.

“I’m feeling okay… How was the operation?” I replied as I eat my tangible meal that I didn’t have for about a day.

“That’s good to see that you’re feeling well. I just want to know your name and how you received this wound.”

“Well, firstly, my name is Hawk. My wound, well, I was attacked by… bandits. I was on my way home and a group of bandits came and attacked me.”



“Bandits can’t be found in this area… Are you lying?!”

“Well,” I said as I get up towards the open window, “bandits can be found anywhere.” I jumped from the window into the streets below. Although painful, I started to run off.

As I speed through the town’s streets, the police formed a barricade at the town’s gate. Some went around my back and some are on the roofs of the adjacent houses.

“‘Hawk’, I have heard that name before. Aha! You are part of the Organization 18! Seize him,” said the doctor that was in the room before I jumped.

“Wait, no I’m not in that organization… At least not anymore.”

“Wait, wait, hold up! What do you mean?”

“I left that place, after hearing their true intentions.”

It seems I have their attention. They take me to their secret base of operations where I tell them what I know about Organization 18 and they tell me who they really are. Mercenaries, that’s who they are. They were the enemies I used to fight for three years and they were the only ones successful to defend their territories against my old organization.

“Hawk, I am General Schism and I lead the secret ops: Solarity, who are in charge of the hardest missions. I would like for you to join us.”

“Sorry, but I prefer doing the fighting alone. But if you persist, I will take two of your best warriors.”

“I can make do with that. Bass, Sabre! Meet Hawk, he is an ex-Organization and he will lead you into taking down the Organization 18 in special missions.”

They agreed to join the ride with me and we quickly got along. We’ll deploy to Fort Chameleon tomorrow, which contains important maps and documents that can be used against the Organization.

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