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I know that every story
has it's beginning
but why does there have to be an end
so suddenlyfor yuou and me

I thought we had along
time togetehr just yesterday
butall that trying
has come to nothing.

You tolf em yuo were ine
forever more but all teh words
we said have dissappeared
and now i am left with only memories

The sweetest memories of you and me
togetehr as one they say that yuo don't
know what yuo ahev got until its gone
and now i am here wondering what uif
but what if's don't cahnge anything
so many thing could have been different
maybe we woyuld still hgave been

the end has come for you and me
it is ehre at these crossroads you must go right and i must carry on ahead.

The end may have reached our love
but the memories
will stay ewith me
for all enternity.
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