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American Pie (revised)

Lie, Lie Mr. President guy,
You say you worked hard, in the Air Guard,
yet never learned how to fly.
Now your records are missing,
You say that you don’t know why.
But you send our sons and daughters to die.
Yes you are sending our good children to die.

Did you read the Bill of Rights?
Do dead Arab children keep you up at night?
I assume that you sleep peaceful-ly.
Do you believe that we’re all nuts?
That we can’t see through your tax cuts?
And what you’ve done to our economy.

And like our former Allies say,
The real threat is now the USA.
You were always targeting Iraq,
You stabbed us in the back.
And while those DU missiles fell,
To secure for Dick, more oil wells.
We began to hear the Hounds of Hell,
They are biting at our heels.

Now we’re saying,

Lie, Lie Mr. President guy,
You were rejected, not elected
Brother Jeb got you by.
What you’re doing with this country
Makes us citizens cry.
Neo-cons just love to see people die
You’re an evil SOB, in my eyes.

Now there are three things that I am hoping for.
A bright future for our children, an end to this war,
And your sorry ASS voted out the door!
We’re tired of all your lies.

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