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Alice opened the door, the door weighed a lot it took him for sometime to open it wide enough so that he could get through it. The door was a big brown door which led to a abandoned house.


Alice walked slowly in. She wished that she hadn't taken the dare. The room was very dark. She could only see the darkness. She rolled her hand across the rocky wall tryig to find the switch. Her heart beat. She found it. Slowly pressed it. Nothing came on. "Oh no!" she thought. Then she remembered she had her torch in her jeans pocket. She took it out and put it on. The light flickered  in the darkness. The torch reviled everything. Cobwebs. Spider webs and large daddylongleg spiders crawled all over the room.

"It's scary!" Alice wisphered quietly to herself. 

Suddenly a voice said "Go away!"

Alice nearly jumped out of her skin.

All of a sudden the door shut behind her. Now Alice was really scared.

"Crunch!" went something under her shoes.

Alice's heart beat faster than ever. She looked underneath her legs she saw a tape recorder.

She sighed a sigh of relif. She took her phone out of her pocket to check the time. 5:50. She had to hurry to get home by 6:00.

Suddenly she heard noises. It sounded like footsteps...

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