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Church-going man is addicted to Internet porn

Thomas had a secret sin.

Thomas attended church regularly, but he secretly visited Internet porn sites. He made several attempts at stopping his behavior. Soon, however, his fingers followed the direction of his mind, and he once again found himself on those sites.

One evening, Thomas’ wife, Tomasina, said, “We both must get up early tomorrow morning to go to work. We need to go to bed, so we can get plenty of sleep.”

“I’ll be there soon,” Thomas promised. Tomasina went on to bed and, soon she was asleep.

Time got away from Thomas. Two hours later, totally-exhausted, he slipped out of his chair onto the floor, sleeping like a baby.

At 5 a.m. the following morning, Tomasina awoke and Thomas was not in bed next to her. She walked into the den and found her husband asleep on the floor.

Still open was the last Internet porn site visited by Thomas. Tomasina began weeping. “How could you do this to me?,” she wailed.

Aroused from his sleep, Thomas began apologizing to Tomasina. “I’m sorry, Honey,” he cried. “I’m addicted to these sites. Please give me another chance.”

“I’m sorry, Thomas,” Tomasina replied. “I’m leaving you forever and getting a divorce.”

“Please don’t leave me!,” Thomas said. “I love you very much!”

“It’s too late,” said Tomasina. “I’ve made up my mind. When I come home tonight, I’m packing my things. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be gone for good. And tonight, you’re sleeping on the sofa.”

Tomasina left the apartment, slamming the door behind her. The Holy Spirit began working in Thomas’ heart. Thomas bowed on his knees, crying out to the Sovereign Lord for mercy. “Forgive me, Lord,” Thomas bawled. “Please forgive me.”

Not only did God forgive Thomas, He took away the craving that had been buried in Thomas’ heart for the Internet porn sites. Since God had forgiven Thomas, the penitent one hoped his wife also would forgive him.

Tomasina, however, kept her word and filed for divorce. Thomas was bolstered by his renewed relationship with God, so he didn’t become depressed by Tomasina’s refusal to return home.

Thomas felt a need to minister to others who had become addicted to Internet porn, so he opened a website designed to draw those people to God.

About a year after the divorce was finalized, Tomasina called Thomas and asked if he would meet her for dinner. They went to the small restaurant where Thomas had proposed to Tomasina. Thomas embraced his ex-wife and asked, “Does this mean we can get married again?”

Tomasina gave Thomas a stern look and replied, “Of course not. I promised I was permanently leaving you, remember?”

The stern look on Tomasina’s face was transformed into a smile. She added, “But I do forgive you. And I see no reason at all why we can’t be good friends!”

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