I guess this is it | By: Ellen Moore | | Category: lyric - Pop Bookmark and Share

I guess this is it

I guess this is it then
the life i knew and loved has gone
gone forever gone for good
i never really believed that one day i'd lose you for good

I guess this is it then its gone for good
i miss everything about you
everything was fixed on you
everything was planned with you
but your gone for good

I guess this isa it forever
its time for me to say goodbye
i am so uypset that i have loved and lost you
for all what we went through

I guess this is it then
i will never hold you in my arms
never ever again If i could chAnge anything
i would'nt change anything at all

I guess this is it then
IU guess this is goodbye my friend
goodbye to you my friend
remeber i will thiunk of you today and everyday

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