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My Fate

Fate knocks on futureís door
Only future knows what she has in store
Present tense deals my brain a blinding effect
Leaving me clueless to what the future will reflect
I am helpless in their game
As destiny grins sinisterly and ignites the flame

Oh Dear God, itís just not fair
Please let me see what tidings fate intends to flare
My future, I canít wait to meet
I desire to leave the here and now at my feet
All I can do is sit here dormant and be consumed by fear
I merely plead that my destiny be made clear

I have come to grips with reality
I now understand that this is merely how things must be
No insights will I ever gain
The fact that future must remain a mystery is now plain
If oneís fate was possible to see
What point in living life would there be
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