WATCHING. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


You sat intrigued
by the way

the old woman
spooned her soup

sitting in the cafe
all by herself.

She had a bread roll
broken up

on a side plate
and fingered it

into her mouth
in between

mouthfuls of soup.
You watched

unnoticed by her
like some voyeur

studying some woman

from a nearby room
through binoculars

hidden in the dark.
You studied

her wrinkled features
the way the mouth

opened and closed
the fingers

with screwed up skin
fingered the roll.

Someone spoke to her
as they went by

on their way out.
Yes see you lovey

she said in a voice
that seemed to disown

the features and face.
You guessed

she must have been
some beauty once

and had men
gawking at her

for her looks and hair
with lustful stares

as she made her way
with a sexy wiggle

and show of leg
up a flight of stairs.

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