SCHOOL FIGHT. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


How you got into a fight

with Woolgar in the school


playground God only knows

but it seems to stem from


him pushing into you and

knocking you against the wire


fence and then you rush at him

like a bull in a marketplace with


a flurry of punches catching him

high on the cheek with a tight fist


then a crowd gathers and an almost

perfect ring and on the periphery


out of the corner of your eye you

see them gathered excitedly chanting


loudly bundle bundle fight fight then

Woolgar put up his fists in front of


his face and you know instinctively

he’s no fighter that he’s not put


those fists up in a real fight and the

fire seeps from you and you move


your fists in the way you’d been taught

and duck and weave but you’re just


going through motions now and his eyes

widen in fear and you know you ought


to go off and leave him there as the

anger has almost gone then there’s


a shout of PREFECTS! and the audience

of eager schoolboys disperses and you


walk off into the crowd and Woolgar

drops his hands by his side and stares


up and out at the hills as if some voice

had called him like some ancient prophet


and the school prefects seeing nothing or

no one go off disgruntled and forget.

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