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What Priorities?

Michael Jackson's Jesus Juice,
Sister Janet's tit is loose,
Martha's facing Twenty years,
Madonna's screwing Brittany Spears.

Kobe's Index finger's cut,
and sorer than his victim's butt.
Our chickens may get Asian Flu,
Mad-Cow is at a store near you.

W and his Cabinet lied,
500 good boys have died.
Kenneth Lay will not be tried,
And they say that they are on our side?

No one wants to fix this mess,
We're more concerned with J-Lo's dress.
And if you ask this Prez of ours,
His answer is "We'll go to Mars!"

"Only Mars?", is what I ask,
May I suggest a harder task?
Although it may not make you famous,
Retrieve your head from Uranus.
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