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The Crow's Croaks

The Crow’s croaks



Once upon a time living in a four seasoned city, and a day flying in the sky, in a cold and cloudy winter’s day, enjoying the sights and moments, like so many other days.

Ah! For the sake of God! Please leave your jobs, tasks, duties and responsibilities a while; and come with me today. I bet you’ll love it too.

You know? For me, you—the human beings, creatures as a part of this incredible nature—are actually the reason to love this cool and quiet city.

Oh! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. The Croaking Cresty Crow I am, born in Shiraz, and about a hundred years old I have. Working as a spy and a town crier, to steal and oppress are my hobbies, just like my last generations.

What’s the matter with you guys? Of course I feel a shame of that, huh! But I don’t care about those nasty or pity looks at all.

Aye this is the way I supposed to be, the little flying monster, the witch. I croak time to time while you’re dreaming; praying and adoring the holy God, the nature, the life.

You, lovely civilized people, wake up early in the morning; start your jobs; go to your offices. Go to schools, colleges and universities to study till when the pure and delightful sun is shining at noon with warmth to the land of art, letter and civility, but I’m fighting and swearing with my fellows the whole day just for a bite of… shit!

Huh! You go home with shiny eyes and a heart full of passion and warmth taken from the sun to bring your family a lovely joy; and me while being tired and wounded, trying to find a topless wood to lie on the back in my loneliness.

Well, in the afternoon the city comes alive again and we wake up together, take a shower, feel fresh and joyful. You come out to go to the malls and the markets to shop, and some go to the parks to walk and hang around with your family; and me again croaking, finding fellows, planning to enjoy the evening.

Yeah! It’s evening again; cars are waltzing in streets and horning, boys and girls are marching and flirting, some streets and buildings are crowded and lightening, some are empty and dark—this is the time the city of secrets demonstrates its nature. It’s the time to entertain ourselves till the city comes to peace again at mid-night. I’m sorry for that but after having an exhausting day this is the only way which makes me and my fellows happy.

Oh! Sorry you were supposed to have an enjoyable and delightful fly today.

Yeah! That’s it. That’s it. You damn people don’t have wings to fly freely; you can never see the world from this sight whenever you want; how much longer do you people want to show off and be proud of yourselves?

Huh! What’s wrong with you guys? Look in the mirror and see your face, is something bothering you? Yes of course, what’s that nasty nonsense noise? Hmm! Yeah the Croaking Cresty Crow croaks.

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