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The New House

The New House

Jeff Davison had everything he ever wanted. A wonderful wife Laurel and the proud father of twin boys Max & Dillion. The family lived in Manhattan, New York and the boys were now four years old. Jeff was a successful lawyer, he recentlymade partner at Gibbs, Downey & Furlong. Laurel was a stay at

home mom and devoted housewife. She enjoyed motherhood so much, that when the boys turned

one she never returned to work. As long as she was happy, that wasall that mattered to Jeff. With his career really taking off, thoughts of relocating the family arose.


One morning at breakfast, Jeff asked, honey, How would you like to move to the country? What brought this on dear? she asked. I just thought it would be nice to find a huge house, on about two to three acres of land. Oh, okay then, she slowly replied. I love the city Laurel but the boys are getting bigger, the city is just too fast. This is true and we are a strong family we will do fine anywhere that we go. If it is something that you really want to do, I support you all the way. That’s great to hear sweetie because I have spoken with the realtor. She said that she has three houses in mind, that she would like to show us. That sounds great honey, now I’m all excited, she said. The next day they met with Sharlian, the first home they saw they instantly fell in love. It was simply perfect; five bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, den area, basement & attic. It was on about two acres of land, so that was perfect for the family. It was an older house but very beautiful. No one had lived there in about ten years surprisingly, someone had been keeping the house up very well.


Laurel especially loved the land, she imagined what her gardens would look like out back. The boys seemed to really like the house as well. Jeff, honey, I want this house, me too he replied.That is wonderful to hear, said Sharlian, I know your family will enjoy this home. It had been empty for a while now and uhhh? it’s a little cheaper than the listed price. The couple was so excited that they no longer heard Sharlian talking. Even though it was a beautiful home, a lot of unexplained activities had occurred over the years. When the home was actually occupied and since it had been empty.


The family quickly moved in, everything was finally perfect. While Jeff was working, Laurel was still getting the new house together. She was mopping the beautiful hardwood floors, when she heard a loud thumping coming from upstairs. The boys were playing down the hallway, she could see them. Since the house was old and had been vacant for some time, she just brushed it off and kept mopping. The phone began to ring, hello, she said. hey! honey, how is everything? Fine dear, how is work, she replied. I am working on a big case, calling to let you know, that I will be late coming home. Awe, too bad because I cooked your favorite dinner. I guess I just have to put your plate aside. Yeah, I’m sorry baby but I have to go, I’ll see you and the boys later, bye. Disappointed that Jeff was going to be late, she decided to finish up her cleaning. The boys had been playing all afternoon, so they would be ready for a nap soon. She began to put the dishes in the washer and checked on the boys.


As she began walking down the hall, she heard the boys laughing. As she got closer she still could hear them but when she walked into the living room, the boys weren’t anywhere around.Max, Dillion, where are you boys? She decided to go upstairs, she went into their room and they were sound asleep. Now, confused over the laughter that she knew she heard, Laurel went on with her housework. Pleased with her hard work, the house was beginning to look like a home. Exhausted from all of her work, she decided to have a glass of wine. Since the boys were napping she thought she could relax. She turned on the television, laid back in her favorite recliner and enjoyed her wine. Looking at the clock, it was almost eight and Jeff was not home. She went into the kitchen, got something to eat with more wine and sat back down. Laurel heard the keys enter the door and the lock turn, the door opened and closed. She heard the footsteps get closer, so she got up, Jeff I’m so glad you’re finally home.


When she walked into the hallway though, he wasn’t there. So she picked up the phone

but the line was dead. Scared stiff now but had to get the boys, thinking there was an intruder in the house. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife. Proceeding up the stairs, she could hear movement that sounded heavier than her children. She reached the boys door, she listened and it was quiet, so she opened the door. Standing to the right of the boys bed was a man in all black, he was just staring at them. Get away from them, leave my home she said, in a trembling

voice. While waving the knife in front of her, the man still standing there never made a sound, he never moved. Shouting now, Do you hear me, you get away from them, Now! As he turned to face her, she screamed, the man barely had a face, his eyes fiery red, she knew he wasn’t a man at all. RAAAAAAAHHHHH, Laurel covered her ears as the figure let out a horrendous sound and then it was gone.


Quickly, she woke up the boys they managed to remain asleep through the horrific encounter. They ran down the stairs and out the door, Jeff was driving up. He jumped out of the car, honey! my god what’s wrong! Jeff we have to get out of here now. Slow down Laurel, what happened? She screamed, while pointing to the house. There he was, the dark figure with the glowing red eyes, standing in the doorway looking back at them.




Lonniesha Rae Jackson 06/2010  2011


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