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The Boy Who Wouldn't Leave

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Leave

Timmy Blue lived with his mother Susan, their dog Ralphie and his brat of a sister Missy. They lived in a small town, called Camoel. Timmy’s father died in a plane crash about two years ago. Susan works two jobs to support the family. She works at the Community Hospital & Jacks’ Family Diner. Timmy is ten years old, loves to play with Ralphie and video games. Missy is sixteen and doesn’t have time for her little brother.


One day while walking home from school, he met a little boy named Alex Carson. The two boys instantly became friends. Timmy couldn’t wait to tell his mother about his new friend. Alex

appeared to be the same age as Timmy, he was just a lot taller. His skin was rather pale but he said he had been sick. He also had a dog, two sisters & four brothers. Alex was the youngest in his family too. His father owned the local bakery, his mother became sick so she was sent to a mental hospital.


Timmy asked Alex, “What school do you go to?” Alex hesitated then said, uh?? Wentorbrook, oh okay, Timmy replied. Wentorbrook was the Academy, it was about an hour from Timmy’s school, he went to Dalton middle. The boys played in an old abandoned farmhouse about thirty minutes from Timmy’s house. Alex looked a lot different than Timmy. His clothes were torn and very dirty. He could care less though, he just enjoyed his new friend. Alex said he helped his father on their farm a lot, so Timmy figured that was why his clothes looked like that. Timmy wanted Alex to come over, so he could meet his mother and to play video games. Alex quickly said no! and that he had to go, before he was late for dinner.


Later that evening, Timmy’s mother asked, “Who is your new friend?” that you are

spending so much time with. Alex!! Timmy replied, he is my best friend. Timmy you just met him, “have you been to his house yet?” No, but he lives on the hill at Laverly’s place. Laverly’s Place, Timmy, “what is your friends name again?” Alex mom! he yelled, Why? Do you think you know his parents? No, it can’t be she said, in a low voice. Alex Carson! He plays video games too. Alex Carson!! in a terrified voice, he was killed in a fire years ago. This must be another Alex Carson mom, maybe you are right sweetheart. The doorbell rings, Susan goes to open the door.

It was Alex, “ Can Timmy come out & play?” he burst into flames. He looked like he did after the fire, Timmy!!!! she screamed.


Lonniesha Rae Jackson 02/1998  2011




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