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Children Of The Rain

Chapter 1

The rain was splatting on the roof violently.You could smell the grass as the water dripped down to it.
Tylanah knew of the horor going about in the world,she knew the horror that was to be at her own house.
Her nose was leaking blood like it had never done and her stomach growled like it had never had before.Her mother has just given her her nightly beating.
She drove off about 20 minutes ago but she knew she was to be coming back soon,
Probaly with a lovely meal that she was going to eat slowly in front of her,admiring each bite.
Tylanah was right.Her mother pulled in the drive way and pulled out a box of Pizza.
Tylanah knew she could never eat a whole pizza by herself and she was right."Boys she called up the stairs and
Tylanahs 3 brothers Martin,Rick,and Roy thumbled down the stairs.
All her brothers are obese exept for Martin.Rick and Roy are twins and they both atere then Martin
and their mom put together just by themselves.
Tylanah heard the plate thuding on the table and the box opening and closing,after all her
room was in the closet nexted to the kitchen.She was becoming very hungry and then her mother
let her out and told her to go sit at the table.Tylanah did,She was afraid her mother
would do something to her if she refused.
She sat at the table not saying anythinng,watching her brothers eat,and becoming hungryer by the second so with out thinking
she saw the pizza box opened so she quickly grabbed a piece and ran to her closet.She tried hard to lock the door but the lock was busted so she shoved the pizza
in her mouth and quickly swallowed it.
Her mother busted open the door and stomped with anger towards Tylanah.She slapped her 6 times hard agents the head,
threw her agents the wall and shoved her fingers down her throte.
Tylanah threw up all over her was more then just pizza too.She
had become so unhealthy she was throwing up mucus.
"You can sleep in it now"her mother said."You do't desirve clean sheets,when you learn to leave food that isn't yours alone you can
continue sleeping in your own vomit".Tylanah took a deep breath and screamed back "No food is for me so i have no
This fallowed an ear shattering slap.Her brothers stopped laughing and looked over.
they were astounded.Thier mother had never hit her that hard before.
blood gushed from Tylanahs face and her normally blue inviting eye went blank.
She was so hurt she coldn't even move."You ever talk like that to me again
young lady you will not live to see 2005
Rick and Roy turned away bu Martin kept on staring at her and she
knew from the look in his eyes that he was concerned.
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