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Brandon looked at the razor that grazed his snow white flesh. He wondered why he did this but he had no answer so he just ran it across his arm from one side to the other. The pain came and went and he was left with the urge to take the razor and stab it into his throat. He threw the razor when the blood began to drip off it onto the shiny bathroom floor of his parentís house. He looked at the clock, it was 6:30am...time for school. He walked out of the bathroom and yanked his long sleeve shirt down over the fresh cuts. He wandered around until his "perfect" parents got out of bed and got ready to drive him to school. They made plenty of money had a huge house with everything you could ever want. Except being rich makes Brandonís parents not care much about him. His father was late and was pushing Brandon out the way and saying "Why are you so late?!?! I told you to wake me and your mother up! You are so useless Bran!" Brandon just looked at his feet and would glance from time to time at his arm to make sure he wasnít bleeding through his shirt. He sat down in the old wooden rocking chair and looked out the window. He saw fathers walking their kids to school and mothers driving them. He was late, and they were too but they didnít care. They were spending a pleasant time with their parents. He threw his bag on the floor and it hit with a hard "thump!" and his mother came out of the bed room saying "What in gods name was that?!?!" taking one look at Brandon she would say "oh...itís just 'you'" Then walk back in the room. He sat there until his father came back out and shoved Brandon out the door and into the fancy penis shaped car. Brandon's short red hair seemed to freeze when he went out in the cold winter. Most parents would yell and tell their child to wear a coat, but not these. They were late and nothing else mattered. When they finally got to school it was 8:15am he was 5 minutes late. He ran into the office to get a late slip. The women at the desk sighed and warned him not to be late again or else, well she couldnít come up with a reason. He ran to class and handed in his homework and said he was sorry to the whole class as they laughed and pointed. He sat beside Ryan who nudged him and whispered "So why you late?"
"For got to wake up my parents...Ē he shrugged
"Wait, 'you' need to wake up your 'parents'?"
"YepĒ Brandon glanced across the room to Ali the 15 year old girl in his class. He knew her well; they were best friends...outside of school at least. She also cut herself; she did it because her mother beat her. Her dad left two years ago and her and blamed her for him leavening. Ali had her pen out tracing slowly over the scares that protruded out from under the long sleeve shirt. Her pale white skin was tight on her all too thin body. He knew she would end up dead. The same way he knew he would too. The same way he knew one day the urge to jam the razor into his throat would be too much to handle and he would just do it. He wondered what his parents would do...if anything. He figured they would be mad at him for getting their floor bloody but that would be about it.
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