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Nothing was left


He walked down the lonely road hearing the sound of rained drops falling in the puddles by the side of the road. There was nothing left in his life that could have made him felt a bit better. He could not have imagined loosing everything in a split of secounds. He was all wet. Lightning in the sky far away made his face visible in the dark street every now and then. He was broken hurt and tears were falling down his eyes. He could hear the dogs barking at distance. He could hear the voices of his family in his ears, there was nothing he could do to change what just happened two months ago. He opened the door of his home and his dog jumped out on him. Slow wind blew his long hairs as he walked passed the porch. He unlocked the door leading to TV launch, he stepped in and closed the door behind. He sat on a near-by chair. He saw the pictures of his family on the wall in front of the chair and they reminded him of his father, mother and two brothers covered in blood. A blast took each and everything he had. It was a Saturday in morning in Peshawar, a city of Pakistan when his family left home to visit his uncle. He was not with them on the trip because he was suffering from throat infection. 15 minutes drive from his home near a police check-post, they were going slow because of the cars being checked by policemen when a blast occurred and everything was blown. He lost all he had, his mother, father and two innocent brothers. He just came back from the memories when the phone bell rang and he just recognized how lost he was in his thoughts. He went towards the phone and switched it off without even checking who called. He was fed-up of people feeling sorry for him, It was making it harder for him. He went to the washroom attached to his brothers room and washed his face. It was the nearest washroom on the ground floor and secondly there was no one to use it anymore. He was the only one in the home along with his dog. 20 years old Hassan was still confused and could not find a way out. It never looked such worse when he used to see it on TV, blast happened, 2 died or 3 died or 20 died, now he could feel the pain that the family members of every one of those victims would have felt. He could feel the pain and the helplessness. The only question that he had in mind was why was his family killed. Why suicide bombing was now a routine of his country. Everyday there would be a bomb blast in one of the cities and people would die like animals. He used to sit with his father and talk about the situation in his Country and at the end with everything going wrong still his father ensured him this Country would be back to normal again, The 65% population that was the teenagers wont let it go. Its just that God tries his people and it was there time of trial, they were committing a lot of sins and the it was there time of punishment. Being a student of electrical engineering at a leading university in his Country he thought of some major contribution he could give each and every day till that day he lost everything, that day when he had 4 dead bodies in front of him. There was no shoulder on which he could put his head and cry. He was left behind with a home that reminded him of his family and some money that his father had kept for the education of all the children in the bank. He had free zed his semester and was no longer going to the university. He knew he was broken and lost but still there would be a way out, there would be a way he could make things better, he could not figure out what but oneday he will figure it out and make his own way. He would fight it after all he was just 20 and there was a lot of life left ahead of him. He offered prayers today after two months and thanked God for what he had and didnot ask him for why he took everything away but asked him for the strength to face it, make him stronger and a better person. His eyes were gain filled with tears but today he didnot need sleeping pills and he closed his eyes and soon he was asleep. Everyday someone did loose a loved one and they had to recover sooner or later because life was race and if they would have been left behind they would be killed, everyday someone closed the eyes with a better tommarow, with the hope that when sun would shine the next day, things would be better.



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