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Its been so long and i've come so far.I forgot what i was running away
from.I saw real love and always wanted it.But love really is "when you
love someone nothing remains of thee of thy own".It means u give yourself
totally and completely.Its a real scary thought that one u love someone
nothing remains of ur own.I really want love but then again when i think
of placing myself into the hands of another and giving myself completely....
its scary.I know i've really been loved .Love is the purest when your young
and you havnt seen the world and you dont know what its about and when
your still aloof from being a part of the materialistic world.I remember how
me and my first love were in love.It was so beautiful.I still get a smile
om ,y face when i remember him.We use to forget everything and the world together
when i was in his arms i use to feel like the whole world would fall apart
but i'll still be ok till i was in his arms.I was so happy then at 14.
Remember the old story romeo and juliet.The both were
real young and still untouched by the materialistic world.Its become horrible now
people have become so calculative.Wheres the innocence and purity gone?To truely love
means to have a pure heart like a childs heart.I still cant find true love
honestly.I also learnt that sometimes people go away cause maybe they love
someone but they know they might destroy the person.I dont think love is
forever i think its a very relative term.We all know nothing is forever.
I saw real love in my family.The way my dad loved my mother and the
way my grandfather loved my grand mother.When i was small i saw my grand father tickling
my grandmother.It was so sweet they were naughty even in their old age.
Sometimes i feel like there is love and sometimes
i feel like theres no love.I recently realized that i dont think anyones
really really really loved me .............i kind of got enlightenned about this when i watched
the movie RUN AWAY BRIDE.I realized if someone really really loves you
HE/SHE will never let you go.But her its a movie and we are living
a real life.But after i watched the movie i realized that no ones ever loved me to really
hold on to me.Sometimes you do let people go but sometimes you have to hold
on to the person.I'm not sure if that old saying about when you love
someone set him free and he will come back to you if hes meant to be
is true.Funny thing is that recently i realized that if u let a person go
hes going to really go away.
Love for different people have different meanings.
Love for me is a lot.When a dog loves his owner he loves him totally
he'll wag his tail etc etc.Where as a cat will make someone earn the love.
I think love is like philosophy.Something there but with different meanings and terms and
questions.Personally i feel that people love other people for different reasons etc.
I have been through so many boys.I'm not sure if any
of them really loved me.They claim they do but hey where are they.
Lots of sweet talking phonies around.You think i'm a flirt cause i dated
a lot of boys.Honestly no i'm not.I am just looking for someone who will
really love me.I feel that someone who loves you will love you anyway
anything cultivated will fall apart after a perod of time.I've had just one
serious relation in my life.He was my best friend first.He know everything
about me ,my likes dislikes what i want.Those kinds are dangerous.
I was with him for five years.Only to realize recently that everything he
did and became was everthing i wanted not what he really was.He moulded
It took me so long to see through him.These kind of men and women the the
worst and the most dangerous.Manipulative and oppurtunists.The find you and date
you are vulnerable and at a all time love.I'm more disgusted by him
then by any other guy i ever dated and who cheated on me.At least those guys
did not manipulate.Getting into a relationship when your at
your altime low is a BIG NO NO.That time you will think oh!this person
really loves me and oh!i really love him and hes here with me.
Then when things settle down and things are ok you look at the person
and mostly realize oh!god what did i do he/she took advantage...
i should never have been with him ever.Thats when you think you were in love
but thats only that you were vulnerable and taken advantage of.
If my brains were in the right place i would never
have thought i love a person like my ex.I really regret having wasted time
with a manipulator.I think love is when two completely complete people
come together and they enhance each other.When two people are together not
because of any other excuse like lonliness or vulnibility is really not
love and really not a real relationship.I learnt a real important thing
that if you cant live with urself how can u live with another?I know its
really hard being alone and lonely.I understand lonliness real well.
I'm one of those people who can feel lonly with a room full of people.
I have spent a lot of time on my own thinking reading being totally by myself
deep in thoughts etc.I like my company a lot and i love space sometimes.
This sounds really silly even sometimes to me but its
true from my experiance i started liking a stranger someone of the net.
I'm to sane a person to meet him or anything just telling you'll what i went through.
He really had a deep impact on me.This guy who i have never seen ever
This is the first time something like this ever happenned to me cause
i'm mostly a person who thinks about everything and rarely follows
whims etc.I'm one of those people who runs my life plan by plan without
getting to emotional etc.This stranger had a deeper and stronger affect
on me.MORE THAN MY EX HAS HAD IN FIVE YEARS.This situation inspired me to
think and write about this topic.I get scared thinking about it that
how deeply i felt for a person who i have never met and seen it sounds
really silly even to me.Thats when i realized what really love was
at least to me what is was.I realized that i really love someone no questions
asked with no expectations and i dont think i would ever want to change a thing
about that guy.My was totally a disaster .He kept trying to change me
cultivate me into something i'm not like i love being casually dressed
most of the time he would pester me to be dressed all the time.Hell
me being all dressed and formal that was really not me.If he loved me
he would love me anyway and not try and change me and pressurize me
into becoming what he wants and not what i am.I love being in jeans and
t shirts.Thats the way i am.So you see that was not love anyways.
How things happen in life are still a mystery to me.
Theres this huge thing called destiny.There are no accidents in life.I recently met
a man i feel so strongly for him even though i havnt met him hes on the net.
this is all really strange.Sometimes some ppl have such an impact on you.
Love is like life you dont question it you live it up and experiance it.

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