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Oh! What A Day

                                                     Oh! What A Day


There was once a very nice lady who lived in the country.her name was Millie Mae.One day Millie Mae decided it was a good day to go to the mall,and do a little shopping. So Millie Mae got in a hurry,and got herself ready.Then she was on her way.As Millie Mae came out to get in her car,she realize that her little car,as precious as it may be,was all covered with mud.Even her windows was smeared with mud.Millie Mae said if I stop off at the carwash,I might be late going to the mall. so Millie Mae left the car as it was.On the way to the mall,Millie Mae noticed how people were looking at her.They wern't really looking at her,they were really looking at her car,and how it was all covered with mud.So in about thirty minutes,Millie Mae was finally at the mall.Millie Mae hurried into the mall.Millie Mae was enjoying her window shopping so much,until time just slipped away.When Millie Mae did take a noticing to the time,it was very late.Soon Millie Mae realized that she should be getting back.As Millie Mae got ready to leave,she soon realized at that moment,that the mall had a lot of doors,and Millie Mae just could not remember what door she came in.So Millie Mae went through a door,she was sure that it was the one she came in.But when Millie Mae got outside,she soon noticed that she had came out the wrong door.She later discovered that the mall parking lot had about ten parking lots.Millie Mae just couldn't remember where she park her car.Millie Mae began to look for her car,but she just couldn't find her car.Millie Mae looked here she looked there,but there was no sign of her car anywhere.Then Millie Mae with her eyes full of water,and a very banging headache,Millie Mae screamed to the top of her voice. Where is my car?As the idea of not finding her car began to sink in her head,Millie Mae decided to sit down and eat her sandwich she open her sandwich and got ready to eat, it slipped down between her legs,and fell on the ground.Then Millie Mae said,Oh! what a day!next Millie Mae decided she would drink her pop,and guess what!You got it!The pop top broke off.well the rest is history.Millie Mae did have a pack of peanuts,and she was very sucessfuly with the peanuts,they did make it to her mouth without a diaster.As Millie Mae was sitting there eating her peanut,she realized the sun was almost down.As soon as Millie Mae started to get up,two men came out the store.The men saw Millie Mae sitting there,so they asked her if they could give her a ride,Millie Mae replied no,but added thank you just the same.You see I'm waiting on my son,he had to go back in the store and get something.so the two strangers walked on.Millie Mae mumbled to herself,why would I ride with them.I don't know either one of them,if I knew them I still wouldn't ride,because a pervert,or a child molester is not always a stranger,he or she could be a neighbor next door ,or they could be a friend of the family.Millie Mae was just been careful,and trying to keep herself safe.So Millie Mae continued eating her peanuts.Then all of a sudden along came two ladies walking and they to offered to give Millie Mae a ride.Millie Mae answered them in the same tone as before,but added no thank you and Millie Mae stepped away because she was affraid that they might try to take her by force.The ladies walked on.Millie Mae continued to eat her peanuts.Next to come by was a girl and a boy, and offered their help.About this time Millie Mae hair was standing up on her head,she was so frightened until she was about to take wings and fly away.Millie Mae was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable.Then a phone rang that's when Millie Mae remembered she had her son's phone in her pocket.Millie Mae answered the phone.Millie Mae began to tell her son Ray she couldn't find her car.So ray told his mother to go back into the store,and wait by any entrance,and he would find her because,one thing about Ray,he knew his way around the mall.In about twenty minutes Ray had made it to the store,an spotted his mother standing at the entrance.Millie Mae was so glad to see her son.Ray let his wife drive his car back,and he drove his mother's after he found it.As ray was driving his mother back home,he asked her did anyone try to help her?She said yes but I don't except favors especially from strangers.And not to many people I know.I'm proud of you mom,and I love you for being smart.Your Grandmother taught me from a very small child,not to except favors from strangers,and some people I know are weirdos?.They fall in the catagory also.Next Ray stopped at the carwash.When Ray got done washing the car,he got back in the car and started home Ray looked over at his mother,and sad to her,you look very tired.Before Ray's mother fell asleep,she said Oh!What A Day.Then Millie Mae started to snore.Millie Mae Slept ll the way home,with a big smile on her face.Ray turned on the radio,and they cruised on in.


                                               the end.....................

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