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There was a sense of gnawing apprehension in the air and the dark dense cloud accentuated
the dark attires of the people. The night was beginning to get darker and finally when it
was pitch dark people began waiting eagerly for the dawn. Then it did dawn ,the lively
crow flew higher and higher towards the horizon elated and brisk as though venerating
the Sun for its mercy.

The evening star was still twinkling in the dark blue sky as people gathered around
wearing shimmering clothes with finery of all kinds. The party folks gradually picked up
the mood and danced to the beats with joys as the singers sang with aplomb that was next to
none and musicians played the Sonata with delight. And the dilapidated chairs and tables
did not dampen the spirits of these folks who had come to freak out with the music.
From a distance, this seemed like hedonism at the end of the day we all need to chill out
after a hard day's work.

But we do spend a lot of time in repose. The vibrant audience settled down as the gnawing
worry in the subsided slowly. People took care of things as they did not want their belongings
pilfered. Then, they shoveled the snow to play and the elderly folks clambered the ladder
to watch the youngsters at play. The horses clamored sll around for the grand show that was
due to start off. But commercially, the show was pummelled by none other than Yanni himself.
The enthusiasm picked up with great pomp , there was no room for anything frugal in that
kind of festive atmosphere .

Happiness is the elixir of life and it's often both the result and the formula of success
- it preceeds and succeeds success with great ease and people can live up to their
expectations with such elan that is admirable in itself. The hue and cry over the brandishing
of sword is all right but the men cheered with fervour. The crowds gathered with poise and women clung to their

The fishermen gathered around the platform as the supercilious politician began to speak.
The speech lasted for half an hour and then there was a dance programme by seasoned dancers
who danced with such aplomb that amused the children among the audience . People
around cheered and the festivity in the atmosphere is getting escalated as the musicians
entered the stage with poise and played a sweet and melodious sonata . The dilapidated tables
and chairs were unabtrusively put aside to a corner of the hall.

Some flaws did go unnoticed for good as the pretty women in shimmering clothes appeared at the central hall.
They were dressed in all their finery to light up the festive atmosphere. THe party was held in such pomp
that people felt sad to back to their frugal lives. Then, slowly, all the tiny tots , horses
and well-bred dogs clamored on the stage to put up a great show . The children ate up their
dinner with elan as elderly people clambered the stairs to watch the horses run and
the singer sing with aplomb.

The seemed to be emanated from a fire near by lit by a tribe from the outskirts of the city.
The chap was enthralled by the great singer's voice.
The bellicose mob staged a protest right in front of the mosque . The implications are clear
and why would one ever dislike a fragrance of a lovely lily Enamoured by the beauty of the flow of the cosmos that paved way for the infinite abundance
of wealth of the lovely memory power of the aquatic wild life and the minimal prudence that
guides human life into the ultimate level of self worth that people love to have
the lov eof mummy lives after the world has been destroyed and the love of God the the vast
depth that is certainly unfathomable and it shows the dark whispers of the kind of mercy that providence
shows to communicate effectively

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