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The Guest

                                                        "The Guest"

There was once a beautiful place called,The Sunflower Forest,it was called that because,the beautiful forest was colored with sunflowers.Also down the path stood,a beautiful green house. This house has been very well kept.It was also the only house in the Sunflower Forest,that the paint was not peeling.This house was owned by three beautiful gray monkeys,who called themselves JoeJoe,SoeSoe,and DoeDoe.They were the last of their species.They were also very good mountain climbers.The monkeys could climb a mountain almost as fast as a cat can wink his eye.Since Christmas was right around the corner,the three monkeys decided to have a Christmas Banquet,so they could invite all their friends.So as the three monkeys were sitting around realizing that it was only two days before Christmas,they soon got started on their Christmas dinner.Starting this Christmas the monkeys swore they would never spin Christmas alone again,because it always turned out to be very boring.The next day would be Christmas Eve,and JoeJoe,SoeSoe,and DoeDoe decided,they would go Christmas Shopping.When the monkeys got done shopping,all three were pushing grocery carts.Filled to the brim.You name it the monkeys had it.So as the monkeys were going through the Sunflower Forest,they met a lot of their friends on the way home.When Skleepy the owl saw the monkeys,since he was the bravest and the nosiest.Sleepyk new all the forest gossip if he did hang upside down 24/7.Sleepy asked the monkeys,why they had so much groceries,since it was only the three of them.JoeJoe the monkey replied by saying, it's a surprise.You will know in plenty of time.So finally the monkeys reached home,and put away their groceries.Next they started to prepare a feast fit for a king.DoeDoe agreed that he would be the one to fill out the invitations,because to DoeDoe that was the easiest job.All the monkeys got busy with their chores,with JoeJoe,and SoeSoe starting the dinner.With DoeDoe filling out the invitations.DoeDoe also decided that when the evening arrive he would pass them out.The monkeys cooked on a wood stove.They needed someone to chop the wood.Joe Joe and SoeSoe decided that DoeDoe would do the job.DoeDoe didn't like being chosen to chop wood,but he didn't have a choice.Being that he couldn't boil water,without almost burning down the house.As a matter of fact,that's what happen to their last house,that they had.DoeDoe put the invitions in the drawer,and went off to chop wood.In the meantime SoeSoe and JoeJoe remembered they had forgotton the candles.So JoeJoe went off to purchase the candles.About time JoeJoe returned from the store,DoeDoe was through chopping the wood,and it was time to finish dinner.Tomorrow was Christmas and the monkeys began fixing their Christmas Banquet.Everyone was busy with some kind of job.Finally after cleaning up,and the dinner was almost ready,DoeDoe wrapped their Christmas gifts and put them under the Christmas tree and boy!What a tree!There was one thing that DoeDoe was good at.He really had a talent for decorating christmas trees.The reason he were so good at it was that he had graduated from college with a Interior Decorating degree.Soon dinner will be finished for the banquet.When the monkeys got done with everything ,they set down for a nice slice of raisin pudding,and a warm glass of the white stuff.After the monkeys were finished with their snack,they fell asleep with their cloths on.When they woke up,it was the next day, which was Christmas,and they were so excited.The monkies got up,put on their sunday go to meeting suits,which turned out to be ,their green polka dots suit,with their hats and ties to match.They also put on their Walkman dress shoes.At last the monkeys were already for the Banquet.The monkeys then sat down to take a rest.Since the monkeys was so tired,they fell asleep again.When the monkeys woke up this time it was a quarter past midnight.Christmas had came and gone.They realized that nobody came to the Banquet.The Monkeys said among themselves,where is the guest?it was very late so they put on their pajamas and went back to bed.When morning arrived,and the monkeys had got out of bed,they looked at oneanother and said,we sure got ourselves a mess to clean up.I'm very disappointed that the guest never showed up said JoeJoe.I wondered why?Asked SoeSoe the monkey.I don't know but something sure is fishy,about this whole incident replied JoeJoe.At last their work was almost finished..Except for putting there candles in the their rightful place,and that was in the china cabnet drawer.Just as DoeDoe were putting away the candles,all of a sudden DoeDoe went OOPs!It was then that DoeDoe all of a certain remembered that he never gave out the invitations.They were still in the drawer where he left them.How could I forget such and important task.DoeDoe was so disappointed.And the other problem was,he didn't know how to tell SoeSoe and JoeJoe,that he was the one that ruined the Banquet.While DoeDoe was trying to figure out how to tell them,their was a knock at the door.When they open their door,their stood their friend Skinny Minny,boy!was she skinny. She was also a monkey. But a good looking one.They were all gray. She was dressed in a long purple dress that reach the top of her shoes,with a orange coat,same color her shoes.She wore her hair in big white candy curls.Cute for a monkey.And when Skinny Minny came in, she thought she was as clean as a whistle.Have a seat Skinny Minnie stay a week.You are always welcome in our home you know.We sure are disappointed in you not coming to our Christmas Banquet,What Banquet!Yelled Skinny Minnie.Didn't you get an invitation?Nobody gave me an invitation.JoeJoe and SoeSoe turned and rolled their eyes at DoeDoe.Right then DoeDoe knew he was busted.DoeDoe then started to tell everybody what happen.Know what you guys?I'm very sorry,but I never passed out the invitations.You never done what! I never passed them out.With everything moving so fast,I just forgot them.I never took them out of the drawer.So now that the cat was out the bag,the monkeys soon remembered they were all along on Christmas again.If you want something done right you have to do it yourself said SoeSoe.Skinny Minnie was up and out the chair,and on her way home after,saying her goodbyes.She looked back at the monkeys and yelled,I'm sorry you didn't have a Merry Christmas!But I do wish you a Happy new year,then she was gone.The monkeys went back in their house to unwrap their gifts.When the monkeys saw what DoeDoe had brought them for christmas,they soon forgot the argument.Instead of them wrinkle up faces,that each one was wearing,the monkeys now had a big smile on their faces.They also had a change heart and a renewed spirit,They also knew that they had a lot to be thankful for.For one thihg they were still alive breathing God's air.The monkeys truly realize that it was a blessing to see another Christmas                

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