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The Seahorse Kingdom

                                             The Seahorse Kingdom


Once in a faraway place,was the most beautiful sea anyone had ever seen.The sparkles from the sea was so bright until,when sited from a distance it glittered like a white diamond.That's the reason it was called the Diamond Sea.That wasn't the only fasinating thing happening with the Diamond Sea.Someone once let it slip,that there was a beautiful kingdom under the sea,and it has been said to be called The Seahorse Kingdom,and only a few people had ever had a glimpse of it.It was such a rare glimpse,until some people just believed it to be only a myth,with very little truth to it.But as you know,every kingdom has a king,and the Seahorse King was Maurice.He was known under the Diamond Sea as the Seahorse King.Maurace was a very beautiful seahorse,he was snow white all over,with one red streak down both his sides.Maurice also wore a red and gold crown upon his head.One day a storm was raging under the Diamond Sea,and the seahorses were so afraid,because there was nowhere they could hide.The Storm was bad.It blew the little seahorses from one part of the sea,to the other. Maurace was the largest,and it not only blew him all about,it blew Maurice all the way out the sea onto dry land,and Maurice went bumpety bump.Wow! That sure did shake me up a bit,said Maurice.Everything was so strange to Maurice,because every since Maurice had been a seahorse,he had never experienced dry land. Everything was all new to him,and Maurice didn't have the slightest idea what to do.As Maurice hurried behind some very tall weeds,he began to hear voices,but they spoke a language he didn't understand.Maurice saw these people,and they had legs,and a big round head,but their body was one big shell all over, and they were very colorful.Maurice thought to himself,these must be the people they call the shell people.Maurice thought himself to be well hid behind the seaweeds,but he couldn't have been more wrong.Maurice never knew,his very long tail was in the shell people path.What is that?Asked Iggy.One of the shell People?I don't know replied one of the other shell men.He sure is pretty and white,and not to mention that dazzling crown,replied Iggy.I agree said Potwa.That crown could be worth a lot of money.That's all you think about replied Iggy.Well it's best to have money,and not need it,than to need it and don'thave it replied Potwa.The shell Men were so excited,they decided to keep Maurice for themselves.of course a argument broke out about who would take charge.Maurice wondered what was going on,since he didn't understand their language.With Iggy winning the argument,Maurice the seahorse was his.The shell men got real busy,looking for something to hold Maurice still since he was wiggling all around.Iggy decided to use his big giant net to hold him still,which worked just perfect.As soon as the sun came out,Maurice the seahorse,started to wither from the heat.He's looking pretty bad,he neesd to be put back in the water said TyTy.That's what happens!Screamed Iggy,when you don't get your way,and you hate to see somebody with something.But I'm keeping the seahorse,and that's that!Yelled Iggy.Well the next day arrived,and the heat from the sun was withering Maurice something terrible.Maurice started to look like a withered up prune.Maurice was starting to get sick,from all the exposure from the sun.And finally Maurice was flat on the ground.The shell people started to look Maurice over,because now he was making those weird sounds.His eyes don't look good at all,said TyTy.Mind your business TyTy,you're are not no doctor replied Iggy.I don't care what you say replied Iggy.Dead!are alive! He's mine screamed Iggy.You don't have to bust my ear drums Iggy replied TyTy.So while the shell people were looking Maurice over,the shell people discovered something very strange,on both the seahorse's sides.What are they ?Asked Half Paint.I don't know replied Potwa.Look!Shouted Iggy.It has two red slits on both his sides.The other shell people gathered around to get a closer look,and that's when they to discovered the two slits on both his sides.Iggy put his finger in the silver circle,and so did TyTy.They both pull down at the same time,and whata you know?They both open up on each side,and a big gush of water came out,almost drowning them.But when the water slashed on Maurice,he became strong again.Now that the zippers,on both sides of Maurice were zipped down,out came these giant red wings,and Maurice he flew away.Maurice landed back into the sea.We have to get him back! yelled the shell men,talking in their own language.All the shell man got in a hurry,and put on their scuba diving outfit and they all headed to the sea,and they all jumped in at the same time,and just as Maurice had zippers on both his sides,so did the sea.When the shell men landed in what they thought was the sea,they were very surprise when they hit a very hard surface,and that's because the Diamond Sea it to had zippers,and the seahorses underneath the sea,just simply zip it up.Then all the shell people saw was one big giant zipper that stretched across the sea.That's how the seahorses kept unwanted guest out.As soon as Maurice and all the other seahorses were safely back into the sea,they all turned towards each other,and started to give each other the high fie sign.Sorry I didn't mention this earlier,yes the seahorses had hands.When the seahorses had to fly,their hands never got in the way.That's because in front of them,they also had two pouches on both sides,right beneath their wings.It has been said,that the Diamond Sea is still there,but nobody seen Maurice or the shell people anymore.Once a fisherman thought he spotted it one time,only to find out he wasn't even close.So most people thought it never existed,but we know better don't we?

                                                               The Endsssssss

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