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Devile Path

Devil path

The old mountain preacher had road over more backwoods wagon trails than
any man alive in his day , traveling around threw the Kentucky mountain
where few settlements were was a risky thing, many a moon lite night
had he journeyed along just he and his faithful old mule he called old
Charlie, his name is Harm bishop and he started seeding the gospel a
long time ago when he was about twenty one , now he had grew old and is
in his early fifties, he never stayed in one place very long ,
sometimes he would take a night or two with some saintly God fearing
settler . One this trip he has rode deep into the dense Kentucky
mountains and he has two little churches to visit and after that he
must go back to Ohio and preach at some more places along his journey.
The little church that he preached at was glad when they seen him and
his trusty old mule coming around the ridge, he had preached there on
several occasions and every settler there and about like this kind old
man of God.  On this night he was long in preaching and it was near
midnight when he left the little church house and a storm was brewing
from the north and he having to be at his next preaching place on time
he was forced to journey on toward the next settlement . Something was
in the air something was troubling his soul tonight and uneasy feeling
was gripping his soul, the night was dark with the own coming storm and
it was dangerous to be on a mule back riding in almost total darkness,
what was to befall him he was thinking and hoping old Charlie would not
fall and maybe kill him on the slick rocky wagon roads  that winded
along the ridges,, the lighting was lighting up the woodland and
thunder blasted the silence of the night , the wind had gotten up and
it was blowing hard against him and soaking him to the bone , he had
rode in storms before and new the danger of them and he went to praying
that he would find a over hanging cliff to take shelter in... suddenly
way out in front of him during a lighting streak he sees the form of a
horse and rider on the path coming meeting him .. Who in the world
could be riding in such a storm like this but and old preacher like
himself that had got caught between a storm and his next preaching
place... chills went up his spine and he never had been afraid of
nothing but tonight was different that uneasy feeling of danger was
about him and now seeing a large dark horse coming with a ghostly rider
wearing a long black cape rapped around his body was strange and not
the dress of any settlers around here.. He stopped his horse and waited
for the approaching rider.  Then another lighting strike reveals the
rider is near and will be passing him very soon....maybe he thinks the
darkness is playing tricks on him but he knows that his eyes don't lie,
seconds pass and before his new it the ghostly rider was beside him and
the big tall dark horse stopped dead in it tracks, and the lighting
flash and brighten the wagon road, the dark tall form that set on the
horse seem to be dead lifeless the black cape like robe hide the rider
from his eyes.. He shouts against the noise of the rain and wind and
thunder ..who are you and what are you doing out on such a night as
this the frighted preacher asked? Then a harsh sharp voice broke the
silence and spoke loud against the storm noise...Im called slew foot
and old Satan the bugger man, and lots of names men have give me down
threw the generation of man kind.. Harm had preached many sermons and
spoke of old slew foot the devil and tonight he has meet the old demon
on a lonesome mountain road riding a large horse and dressed in a dark
cape robe and covered from head to top. Harm trembled at the present of
his night visitor and rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ ..when his
prayer was made the rider pointed at a large oak that stood just back
away from where they were setting and from his finger there come a
lighting bolt and struck the large oak and it split right threw the
middle and caught on fire in and instance...then more words come from
the mouth of old slew food ...I could melt you and that flea bitten
mule like a candle.. The voice was loud and harsh and scarey that Harm
was getting more frighten and the blazes of the tree had lighted the
wood surround them up and he was getting a better clearer looks at the
old demon that set by him on the wagon path... why are you troubling my
soul harm shout ? Why tell me this he repeats loud ...? I have been
following you ever since you began preaching here in these mountain .
Just over your shoulder I have rode behind you to tear down what you
have built  in mens hearts..I am the prince of darkness ..your worst
fear ..your worst enemy..I come to tear down to destroy and to kill the
loud demon voice declared” you can do me no harm less the lord would
will it says preacher Harm.. Then harm takes from his saddle bag his
big Holy Bible and the rider and whole it out in the light of the
burning oak and says burn this up like you did that giant oak I dare
you harm added... then the rider reins his large horse and the horse
swiftly begin running. Passing up harm and harm hears a large voice
that seem to be right beside him.. No this harm Bishop as long as you
ride these mountain trails ..just look over your shoulder and I will be
behind you tearing down what you build in  men hearts.. Harm gives old
charley a nudge and he rides again toward his calling and the church he
will preach at on tomorrow night ..harm just had to look back over his
shoulder and look behind him ,.. And sure enough at a great distance he
could see the dark rider and the tall horse following him just like old
slew foot promised.. It is and old mountain saying that every one alive
and born will at one time meet old slew food face to face and nose to
nose ..and on this night rev Harm Bishop this and now knows that this
saying is true....

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