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My Life Jacket

                                          " My Life Jacket"



Once there was two rabbits,who were very good friends.Their names were Marvin and Melvin.Now melvin thought himself to be the smart one,but in reality,he really was the slow one.If you really want to know the truth,It was Marvin who really had the smarts.So one day Marvin and Melvin,decided to go fishing in their sailboats.with Marvin in his nice new shiny white sailboat,and Melvin,in his dull color sailboat.Which was made out a brown paperboard box.The next thing Marvin did was reach for his life jacket.What's with the life jacket?Asked Melvin.Well since I'm not a swimmer,I thought a life jacket would be the safest thing for me.Well said Melvin I can't swim either,but I'm not going to wear that stupid jacket. Anyway I don't think I need a life jacket replied Melvin.To each his own replied Marvin.But for me the life jacket goes where I go.As soon as Marvin and Melvin had gotten everything loaded into their boats,off the two sailed for a wonderful day of fishing.While the two of them were out to sea,a very strong wind came from the west,and everything just started spinning around.And before Marvin and Melvin knew what happen,their boats were filling up with water,with Melvins filling up faster because his boat was made out of a paperboard box.The wind and rain had cause the boats to sink.Not only were their boats sinking,they were torn to shreds.When the storm was finally over,some of the animals that were near by,manage to see some of the things that were going on.To their surprise what was left of Marvin's new shiny sailboat,it was turned bottoms size up in the sea.And Melvin's dull but now mushy paperboard box sailboat was now a has been.It was completely destroyed.All of a sudden the animals noticed,there was someone walking toward them,as they got closer,the animals soon realized it was their friend Marvin.But the next question in their minds was what ever happen to Melvin?The animals also wanted to hear all the details,about their fishing trip,and that terrible storm.Finally Marvin had reached the other animals,and they also had a lot of questions.Their first question was where is Melvin?And I how did Marvin survive and Melvin did not.Well replied Marvin,as sad as it might seen,Melvin was carried away,by a big wave and he drowned said Marvin.I thought I understood Melvin one day to say he was a very good swimmer.but I did thought that was strange coming from a rabbit.Since I didn't know one rabbit that could swim at that time said Mr. Mole.Well in his mind,he was a good swimmer.You see Mr.Mole,when Melvin Paperboard box  turned mushy I lnew That was the last of my friend, that  I once called Melvin.Marvin said to the animals.The last glimpse of my friend,the last expression on his face I will never forget,I will always remember those two things until the day I die.You see yall the last thing I saw of Melvin,he dived down in the water like a shark,I'm sorry to say he drowned like a rock.The one thing I hated about Melvin is that he told a lot of fibs.He fib to his Mother and he fibbed to his father and to me that's the worst kind of fibbing.Melvin knew he couldn't swim, so he should have worn his life jacket.He wanted to be someone he wasn't,so therefore his pride got him killed.Said Marvin.What difference a life jacket may have made.If he only told the truth.But he didn't replied Mr. Mole.So sad what a waste replied Mr.Mole.



                                                       The End..........................

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