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Luke - chapter 1

My name is Luke, and it got a little story behind it.
It started 18 years and 9 months ago, and became real 9 months later, when my mom rushed to the hospital, accompanied by my dad, to give birth.
It was a stormy day in February and the roads were slippery, my dad rushed the car because my mom was nearly at labor, so fast that he hardly saw that kid crossing the street. As soon as he did, he stopped the car immediately, and it slipped and crashed into a tree.
My dad was killed instantly and my mom a few minutes later. I was delivered by the ambulance team just a little while after that and was brought to the hospital.
I spent nearly two weeks there, not that there was anything wrong with me, I was perfectly healthy. They just tried to track down some relatives of mine, and weren't very successful.
The story was all over the newspapers. Where I was known as the lucky baby, though not so lucky if you ask me.
This name was stuck to me in the hospital too, "The lucky boy" , "The lucky baby" or just "lucky" when they addressed me. Later that turned to be Luke.
Anyway, nearly 2 weeks later, when I was almost sent to adoption, which probably would have made my life a lot easier, they managed to track down a relative of mine, my grandmother.
My grandmother was at that time a little after middle age bitter widow who thought that the death her precious beloved only son and daughter in law was only one person's fault, the person who made them go into the car and drive to the hospital, me.
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