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Woman begins leading missions program

Because of her proven service to her church’s missions ministry, Sandra was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the program.

“I believe you’ll do a wonderful job of coordinating the program,” said Pastor Sandy.  “I can’t wait to hear your ideas for expanding our missions effort.”

Sandra held a special meeting and invited everyone in the congregation to attend and share their ideas. About 25 of the church’s members showed up for the gathering.

Sampson said he felt the church needed to spend all of its missions efforts to attract more youth to the worship services. “After all, the youth of the church will be the church of tomorrow,” Sampson reasoned.

Samuel was quick to offer the next suggestion. “Why don’t we concentrate on inviting the community’s senior citizens to accept Christ and attending our church?,” he asked.

SammiJo said she believed the church should focus all of its efforts on reaching out to those who were experiencing the crisis of divorce. “Divorce is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions in this community,” she said.

Sarah, who possessed an abundance of organizational skills, suggested using a very methodical approach.  “We should use the local phone directory, begin with the last names of those whose last names begin with ‘A,’ and call everyone in the directory,”  she said.

Samuel disagreed.  “That will take way too much time,”  he said.  “And what if someone whose last name begins with ‘Z’ needs ministry before someone whose last name begins with ‘A?’”

Sabrina was very thrilled about sharing her idea. She had only recently accepted Christ as her savior and she was excited to begin sharing her faith in Jesus.  “Jesus loved me enough to come into the world and die for my sins,” said Sabrina. “I want to tell everyone that He loves them, too.”

Sovereign offered a two-point suggestion.  “I believe we should open a food pantry for the hungry and  build a set of apartments for homeless families,”  he said.

Savannah said she felt the congregation should concentrate on reaching the community’s upper class citizens.  “They provide most of the jobs in the community,”  she said.

Sandra wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to share their thoughts.  “Does anyone else have any ideas?,”  she asked.

A few seconds later, Pastor Sandy said,  “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for accepting this responsibility.”

“I’m glad to be given this assignment,” said Sandra.

“We have heard ideas from several people in the congregation,” said Pastor Sandy.  “Now I’d like to hear your ideas.”

“It’s simple, Pastor,”  said Sandra.  “In Matthew chapter 28, Jesus said,  “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  So I think we can incorporate many of these ideas into our missions outreach. After all, God is a God of infinite variety!”

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