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Five of to a campsite



                         Five of to a campsite

                                       Chapter 1



"Dick, Julian, Anne and George are you ready yet" asked Aunt Francis touching her pearl necklace getting worrid if they missed the their time for their taxi.

"We are here, Aunt Francis!" laughed Julian, Dick and Anne but no George.

"You are ready aren't you by the way were is Gorge?" asked Aunt Francis looking desprately all over the room.

"I thought she was with you!" said Julian to Dick.

"No I thought she was with Anne!" Dick said pointing at Anne

"I didn't see her all day today!" lied Anne with tears pouring down her face.

"Don't make her cry!" said Aunt Francis "Didn't anything happen today!"

"Yes Dick was making fun at the test results she got." said Anne over her tears.

"No, I didn't!"

"Yes you did!"
"I didn't!"

"You did!"

Anne and Aunt Francis just stood there listening.

"I only did it for a laugh I didn't mean to laugh that she got a D!"

"What test marks?" asked Aunt Francis suprised that her daughter George got a D.

"Didn't she tell you?" asked the three children altogheter.

"No I think she was scared!" said Aunt Francis "I've got to tell her father Uncle Quentin."

“Don’t!” they cried              
"I have to there is no choice I've made my mind up.

Her mind was made up so they couldn't say anything.

Chapter 2

Looking for George

"Lets look for George!" said Julian. “She might be lost did anyone see her go?”

“She had told me that she was going to leave because of Dick and I didn’t know what she meant!” piped Anne giving the boys the idea.

“Did she mention any thing to you?” asked Julian


“What did she say?”

“Londe, no Lounsa, nooo oh ye she said. Lounce campsite!”

“Lest’s go and see what it is and ask Aunt Francis if we could stay there to camp. Julian said running to Aunt Francis.


They could hear Quentin getting angry, he had a bad temper just like his daughter. When Aunt Francis came out. 

“Can we go off to camp at this place where Julian and Dick have been!” lied Anne because that was the only thing that had come to her brain.


“Certaintly not after George got lost!” cried Aunt Francis


“We are going to go and look for her because she told Anne where she was going!” said Julian

“Ok I’ll make you some sandwichs!” said Aunt Francis.


Some time later they had found out that George had took her bike so they didn’t have to take it with them.


“What a pity Timmy is not here he would track her down in a minute.” said Dick who was always lazy.


After an hour or two they found themself near the campsite. “Why would George come here it is boring.” said Julian.

“It is becase she nows the person who works here.” said Anne.

“We will pedal across the grass.” Julian said.


The campsite was wonderful it had lots of places where you could toast food it had tents already. You only had to bring your food and your blanket. The grass was full of lovely flowers and roses.

The three children split up Julian went to search towards the town, Dick went to the tents and Anne went to the food place.

Chapter 3


After an hour they met in the middle but this time a dog and another person came with Anne niether Julian or Dick saw them.

“How shall we find George and Timmy?” asked Julian without looking near Anne. When Timmy heard his name being called he barked. Julian cried because he had not noticed him and George yet.


“What do you have to say about it?” asked George sharply. Staring at Dick making him scared.

“Sorry George.” said Dick “Your mum knows about your level and she went and told Uncle Quentin.”

“What? Why did you tell her?” asked George going bright red.

“We had to.” answered Julian “She will forget about it because when we asked her to go camping she said yes.”

“Since you have said sorry I found someting!”

“What have you found?” asked Dick happy that he had been forgiven.

“Some gold!” answred George happy again


“Yes Timmy found it.”

“Let’s go and see !”

George led them to an over crowded cave it was full of trees and branches. Timmy started barking “Woof, Woof!”

“Timmy shush!” said George pushing Timmy towards a small hole “Scratch Timmy Scratch.”


First Timmy wouldn’t then when he heard his owner pleading he started doing is really fast. Finally there in front of them was a big brown door. They stepped in and Julian said “does everyone have a torch?”

“Yes!” they all said and Timmy barked.

George carefully opened the door carefully and they stepped inside....

To be continued......




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