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The Cave

                                                                      Surprised   The Cave

This family lives in a cottage and there cottage is near the beach and there are 4 children in the family and a dog called timmy . there was two boys i mean 3 boys one of the girls cut there hair to look like a boy and there left the girl the girl that chopped her hair was called Gorgeina  but she called hertself Gorige the 2 boys were called Dick and Julian . They were going on holiday so they getted to choise some where they wanted to camp and the chose kirrin island Gorges island so they went to her island and the heared a girl scream. HELP!!! shouted Ruby when a shadow leaped out of the dark and got her.They locked her up in a big stone and she could not get out so the wennt and got her andran off and into there boat and back home to call the police and the man got aressted .










                                             The End.

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