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Hey! Kaelynn Here, just wanted to say that I won't be posting that much for Jesse, Elizabeth and Jeremy that much anymore! Oh and for those who were asking that story is completely based and inspired by the Vampire Diaries haha (: 

    For those who have read my stories for them (Jesse/Jeremy/Elizabeth) also known as (Fighting it); I do have to admit that I did use some of my lines from stories I have read. And  I'm truly sorry for that, I don't want to take credit for someone else's work. 

  Also, I have been reading “What lies Beneath,” by Asher Monroe. Everyone go check her out! She is an amazing writer. She is the reason why I am doing a FanFiction for Damon and Bonnie! 

  I do have to admit the beginning of the story is sort of lame but I am working on it. Please be patient with my writing it takes some time for me to get in the hang of things! And If you have any request for me to write a story, let me know I'll do it. Any fan-fiction I will do as well! I'm also going to do one for Alli and Drew for Degrassi, because I've been asked to. 

   The fan-fiction for Damon and Bonnie will be posted for sure July 30th. So tell all the Bamon Fans because it's going to be HUGE! I'm just finishing up chapter three. Spread the word, I could use some support; and I really would appreciate it. I would be so grateful to have some support. 

   Well just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on. Thank you so much! Much love!!

                  ~ Kaelynn Keaton 

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