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Prospector finds true wealth during Gold Rush

The summer sun blazed a fiery trail across the California sky during the 1849 Gold Rush.

“You’re trying to outdo yourself, aren’t you, Mr. Sun?,” shouted Dan, who was prospecting for gold.

Although he didn’t verbalize his thoughts, the sun kept shining his intense rays in every direction, and Dan thought he felt a sudden surge in the temperature, as perspiration profusely poured from his body.

“Okay, Mr. Sun,” said Dan. “I apologize for being a bit testy, but these warm days have me a bit hot under the collar, if  you know what I mean.”

“I understand, Dan,” said the sun. “A lot of folks are unhappy with this weather. But in the many thousands of years of doing my job, I’ve found that sometimes people are hard to please. It’s either too hot or too cold, too much snow or not enough rain, etc., etc.”

The sun then told Dan that only the Almighty Creator controlled the weather. “I’m just one of the servants the Sovereign Lord uses to accomplish His will throughout the universe,” said the sun. “The stars, the moon, all the planets, and all the galaxies also accomplish God’s ordained purpose.”

Dan’s work day was coming to an end, so he told the sun, “Thanks a lot for keeping me company every day while I’m prospecting for gold.”

“You’re quite welcome, My Friend,” said the sun. “Thank you for being such a good sport when I have to add a few extra rays of sun to your day.”

The sun had finished his chores in Dan’s part of the world and began his duties on the other side of the globe. The moon popped into view, ready for his duties on the second shift.

Dan and the moon exchanged greetings, and Dan entered his tent, exhausted from his long day of digging for gold.

Dan had traveled from his east coast home about two years earlier. He had left his wife, Dora, and daughter, Darla, at home and headed west to search for gold in California. Since he had staked his claim, Dan had amassed a small fortune in gold, but he had come to realize his true riches did not come from underneath the surface of the earth.

Before Dan drifted into a deep sleep, he wrote a note to Dora. “I love you very much,” Dan wrote. “I came to California to look for gold, but since I’ve been here I have discovered that gold and silver are not a true indicator of wealth. I’m sending enough money for you and Darla to join me here. And when you arrive, I’ll have all the true wealth I’ll ever need - my family!”

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