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Tayla and Ratty book !

Once upon a time ther lived a chicmuk girl called Tayla and a sister called Ratty as her nickname. They lived in a little cottage near a sea and near a forest.


One day Tayla and Ratty made a cake, when they finished they went on a walk. They forgot to lock the door. Then a baddie called Boaz entered their house when he saw it open and when he saw Ratty and Tayla going away somewhere. The baddie is a big orange bear it is grizzly bear. "What shall I do here?" asked Boaz.

Then he smelt something, he could smell a cake! Which Tayla and Ratty had made. He rushed to where it was it was on the kitchen table near the oven. Boaz really loved cakes so he shoved the cake up his t-shirt and ran quickly before Ratty and Tayla came.


Sometime later Ratty and Tayla came back home they were astonished. And when they entered the house they were even more astonished.

"Oh,no!" cried Tayla and burst into tears."That was my birthday cake!"

"Don't cry Tayla!" said Ratty "Let's make a plan to catch the person.

That stopped Tayla crying.

 They made a bun and went of leaving the door wide open. But they went back in through the back door. Then Boaz came he went in and went to the kitchen. When he was about to eat it Tayla and Ratty grabbed him.

"I'm sorry!" he shouted

"you promise you won't do it again!" said Tayla


"We will envite you to my part!" said Tayla.

 Then they lived with Boaz and they lived happily ever after.

                                         THE END

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