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Chapter 1

Jamie laying on his union Jack blanket thinking about his history homework that is due three days later. Today is Friday and the homework is due on Monday. Jamie is going camping with his mum and dad for three days. He couldn't do his homework because his dad said he couldn't take his computer camping with him. His homework was to research about World War ll. If he didn't do his homework he would get detention and no playtime. A mircale had to happen so he could do his homework.

"Come and have breakfast dear." called his mum Cheryl from downstaris. Jamie could smell his faviorite breakfast through his open door which is scrambled egg on toast.

"I'm coming." Jamie called back. He ran down as quickly as he could. Jamie eat whole heartedly.

Jamie lived with his mum Cheryl, his dad McKenzie and his little sister Bella. Jamie liked to dream a lot and Bella liked ballet dancing for toddlers. Cheryl liked to cook and his dad liked to garden.


Chapter 2

After everyone finished eating breakfast they all put their tents in dads car. Dad was going to drive them there and he told them that it took three hours to get there. While they were going they got bored so Bella decided to sing one of her faviorite nursey rhyme. And this is how it went:

Humpty dumpty sat on... the wall

Humpty dumpty ha....d a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

couldn't fix humpty d......umpty again


That was boring so Jamie fell fast asleep.Finally they arrived at the camp area it was only grass for miles and miles. It took them 2 hours and 58 minutes. (Jamie had seen the time when they set off and when they got off).

"What shall we do know?" asked Dad.

"Lets roast Mershmellows" Bella said jumping up and down.

"No dear we are going to set ou tents up, then go to have a little nap." answered dad then went of to the car to get the tents out.

Jamie had his own tent so he started to make it. It was a really hard job so when he finished he he went to sleep.


Chapter 3

When he went to sleep he happened to go back to world war ll. In his dream he saw a boy wearing a gas mask so Jamie asked "what are you wearing?"

"We need it so we don't get posion because of the bombs." answered the boy.

"Can I have one?" asked Jamie

"Yes here you go." said the boy. "come in."

 So he followed him in and the boy told him all about World War ll.


When Jamie woke up he no longer was worrid about his home work. He enjoyed the camping.

When he came back to school he was not scared any longer. He told all his class about World War ll and his teacher was happy

                                    The End

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