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kisses by the candlelight

Kisses by the candle light,
The nightís we spent alone,
Together we were unstoppable,
But now you wonít come home.

Iíve tried apologizing,
Iíve tried sending notes,
How can we communicate if you wonít give me hope?

You make me feels so useless,
So stupid,
Itís unfair
How can I say I love you when you donít even care?

Now you look at me with hatred,
How could it go so wrong?
I remember when you used to sing me that one special son.

We used to smile together,
I was your lady, you were my man,
You claimed we be that way forever,
Can we be that way again?

But through it all I guess,
Iíll remember through the night,
All the time we spent alone,
And the kisses by the candlelight.

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