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Deaths Witness

One night I wake up in the middle of the night,  And right next to my throat is a shiny silver knife, The hand thats attatched has a smooth complexion, Death tends to steal all of lifes perfecttion, I try to fake sleep so theres no detection, But deaths not stupid so he asks me a question, "Is it really your time to go?", I try to open my mouth but I cant say no, Its like theres this invisible hand, showing me my hour glass out of sand, All of a sudden death picks me up, He smirks at me and says Im out of luck, As he walks he's still got the knife to my throat, I'm praying for this to be some kind of sick joke, As we stop he throws me down, except I dont stop 'cuz there is no ground, I land in a place where there is no sound, Death yells to me that I'll never be found, I yell back up "Why are you doing this to me?", He stares at me in misery, "You've only ever been concerned with yourself. No one else. And now your going to hell," Then he dissappears, And i begin to witness all my fears, I back up and fall off a cliff, I land in my bed cold and stiff, I sit up with sweat, Im drenched, My alarm clock says 3:10, But I dont care I pick up the phone, I call everybody that I've ever known, I tell them that I love them and I'll never let go, This second chance that I've been granted, is a brand new life that I've just been handed   

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