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I stepped onto the grass as we started talking. Joe Starred at me with his big brown eyes. He was just so dreamy! But back to the point, I couldn't help but think how i got myself into this mess. We never mean't to hurt anyone. It was suppose to be just a prank. 


"we have to hide the body, and fast. Nobody can know what happened." Joe said with frustration.

"No really i thought we had to go make a cake!" I don't think i should have said that but at the moment I was so nervous, I just couldn't think straight. 

"This is not the time to be making jokes, Bellavina!" He looked at me with such anger, I felt as if he was going to slap me in the face. 

"Look, i know we have to hide the body but where?! How did this even happen?!" I looked around the cemetary, at the flowers that were set on the graves. 


"we shouldn't have pranked him." I said after a long pause. 

he starred at me with this sarcastic face as if i had said something completely stupid. 

"Your the one that was like 'Oh we should prank Leroy. Let's push him in the pool nothing will happen...Blah, blah, blah!' And look where THAT has gotten us! In a dumbass cemetary trying to find a stupid place to hide the body!" 


"I didn't know he couldn't swim, you asshole!!!" I slapped his arm and started to run away. Why does he have to be so mean! I didn't mean for ANY of this to happen...


"Wait Bellavina! I'm sorry! It's just i can't do this on my own! I'm just as scared as you are. We should have never done any of that!" He yelled as he ran after me. I was crying so hard I started shaking. 


He turned me around and held me tight. Whispering in my ear he said "I'll be here for you. Don't worry about a thing..." 



"WHO'S OUT THERE? THE CEMETARY IS CLOSED!" We looked at each other and started panicking. What if he finds out what we did?! we will be in prision for at least 45 years!

"I'm sorry sir and ma'am but your not allowed to be in the cemetary after eleven. Please leave." He flashed his flashlight in our faced and order us to move. 

As we got to the car, i felt as if i was about to die. I hope he doesn't check the trunk. What if he does?! Oh my gosh. Please don't ask us to open anything.


"Get in your car and be on your way. I'm going to go to th back of the car and check your license plate."

The cop went around the car to the back, and started jotting down stuff on his little note pad. 


Joe and I both starred at each other at the same time. "Oh my gosh he's by the trunk!" I started to breathe in and out. i felt like i was going to throw up. I can't spend most of my life in prision! i've worked to hard for my good grades! I had so much planned for my future!


The cop walked back to the front of the car on the driver's side. "Do you mind if i check the trunk?" He asked.

"Oh..well um why if you don't mind me asking." Joe said looking at the cop.

"Just to see if you don't have any illegal drugs, or achohol."

"Well we have alot of old stuff back there. It's not our stuff though it's my dad's. He doesn't like anyone touching his things." Joe said trying to cover up the fact we had a dead body. Although how can you cover it up when it smells so bad!

"Oh i see, my dad was the same way. But i still have to check. Hope you don't mind." Before Joe could answer the cop went around and opened the trunk........




And now you have to wait for the rest of the story (: 


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