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A Particular Cat

They enjoyed walking around the neighborhood together.  Early in the morning.  That was their favorite time to go for a walk.  Felix and his master, they had a perfert understanding.  Felix had an instinct to chase cats.  It was an instinct that was hard for him to control.  But when his master would say"Stay" he would obey the  command and "Stay" Felix was an emotional dog in the sense that he was very protective of his master.  His master, gentle but stern, knew that his dog was the powerful kind, but like himself, had a gentle spirit!  He would not attack unless aggressively provoked. So his master felt very comfortable and secure walking his dog down through the neighborhood.  But there was a certain cat in the neighborhood, although hugh and fluffy, seemed not to provoke Felixs' instinct to chase him!  Master and dog never entertained any notion about or took any notice of this Particular Cat!

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