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Blues Shoes

Once there was a boy name Blue.Like most boys,Blue had special things he liked to do.But most of all,Blue wanted to dance.He had a lot of records,but his favorite record was "Billy Jean".Blue was always trying to dance.Even though it seems like he had two left feet,Blue never quit trying.Some of Blue's friends even told him he need to give it up,but Blue kept on mashing the floor.The more Blue tried to dance,the less success he had.Blue just couldn't seem to get his steps together. Like most boys,Blue had a special place to go and play.Blue's place was an old aband- on house that sat on a hill,not far from where Blue lived. One night as Blue was getting ready for bed,Blue looked out the window,and to Blue's surprise,the old abandon house and all it's rooms,were lit up like a Christmas tree.How can can that be,thought Blue with the house having no running water or electricity?Then Blue put on his robe over his PJs,and went to the abandon house to do some looking around.When Blue opened the door,the light was so bright,it was blinding to Blue's eyes,but he continued to look around.Blue walked into one of the rooms,that sat way back in the back of the house,and there they were!Just sitting there-a pair of glittering shoes.If I didn't know any better,I would say these shoes gave light to the whole house, Blue said.The glitter from the shoes was awsome! Blue was so amazed,that he decided to try the shoes on,but before Blue put on the shoes he read the engraving that was inside the shoes."Whosoever finds these shoes and put them on will dance and dance,"it said Now these were Blue's shoes whether he liked it or not.Blue put the shoes on,and to his surprise,the glittering shoes fit just perfectly. As soon as Blue got the shoes on,the room started to spinning around,lights started flash- ing music started playing,and suddenly Blue was at the Disco.Blue found himself dancing ,doing the moon walk,the chicken,the smurf,the split,the slide,dancing from side to side.When Blue looked around,he saw his friend,little Homer.You sure can dance said Little's the shoes!replied Blue.What shoes? asked Little Homer.the glittering ones i'm wearing,said Blue.but when Little Homer looked down,all he saw was Blue's old dirty tennis shoes.Blue never realized that he was the only one that could see the glittering shoes.Suddenly,there stood a little man,about six inches tall.Who are you? asked Blue.I'm your imagination,replied the little man,who had a long white beard dragging the floor.I want you to listen to what I say.You see Blue,you have always believed in in your heart that you were a great dancer,and that belief,mix with a lot of practing,pro duced a postive reaction.So you see Blue,there was never really any glittering shoes. It was the belief you had in yourself.From the start,you always knew in your heart that you could do,or become whatever you wanted to be.And the little man disappeared, and Blue was the best dancer around. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. This story is dedicated to the best friend I ever had. my black lavador Little Homer who I lost to heart worms. I miss him so.

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