Don't Forget. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share

Don't Forget.

Don’t forget
to wash your neck

and behind your ears,

Aunty said.

And make sure

the water’s hot enough

to do the job,

no dabbing,

get scrubbing,

dirt doesn’t like

hot water.

OK Aunty,

you said,

and tramped

your way

to the bathroom

and turned on

the tap

and placed

the black plug

into the hole

and watched

the water

run into the basin

until an inch or so

was there

and turned off

the tap.

Dipping two fingers

into the water,

you applied them

to neck

and behind the ears.

Looking into the mirror

above the sink,

you saw

your boyish face

washing away years.

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