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The Warning:No Love No Crown

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,that whosoever beliveth in him shall not perish.But have everlasting life.John we read our bible we see where it's so important to God that we love one another.Race creed ,or color shouldn't matter at all.In order to please God we have to love each other. I know we all have fallen short in some way,but don't wallow get up dust yourself off.Repent from your heart get fogiveness from Your fellowman,and God will reconize it in Heaven.But most of all please don't forget to forgive yourself.We won't to thank God for his love and mercies.Most of all our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.We must continue to be thankful that God looked among our faults and so what we really needed.And that's what we as christian should do,look pass one another faults,and stop keeping scores of one another's future,and especially the pass.It is so much better to love than hate. Since want us to love everybody and there's nowhere around it.I chose this title.No Love No Crown. Since today was our Pastor's Anniversary,It should be all about the Pastor and how to treat him.some of us have the love of God in our heart,and unfortunately do not.So I said that to say this:If we hate each other, I wonder where would that leave the Pastor. In our daily walks of life,we must remember that the Shepherd or the Pastor,or what- ever we might call him..A true man of God,he is a gift to the church.Some churches don't have a shepherd.When that happens the sheep begin to scatter.The sheep go everywhere but the right way.And that is truly sad.Just be sure when Jesus comes back,please don't have it sign to our hand that we ran the preacher away.Love the Preacher be good to him,and if he don't do rightleave him to the God Almighty.We must all understand that God anointed him we just appointed him.and that makes the differance. While we are so busy hating each other,lets not forget the handwriting on the wall. Which says in big and bright colorful lettersThe Warning:No love No Crown. We must try to be obedient to God and love one another as God has loved us.We have no Heaven are hell to put nobody in.The individual is the only one that can decide that. The choice is their's.So let us all come together in true love,and once we do that loving the Pastor will be so much easier. Whatever you do,are wherever you go,remember God is Love,and we must be to,or suffer the consequences That's why it's so important to always remember the warn- ing:No Love No Crown. THEEndddddddd

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