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The Jury

Hi my name is Nick Keg.I specialize in law,there are some peaple after me from different states in the U.S.
Now let's get to the story. In 1967 at Illinois courthouse.I was brought in for jury duty and i didn't feel right in the court room.
I have server on a jury many times befor that in Indiana,Ohio,Kentucky,and Florida.
Although I used a different name in each case well you'll find out about that later.Now every little part of this story i write might not be very long but it will encourge you to read my next tale.
It is the first day of jury selection.The case is between a widow and a tobacco companie big red.Her husband died of hart disease from smoking three packs a day for four years.

Well i got to go until next time.My next story sould be out in a few days.
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