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Exciting and scared,at the same time.  It's my first day being a Freshman and at a private school...wearing uniforms and too-many rules to follow.  Starting with how to talk, act, and what to eat, etc... And on top of that I don't have any friends attending this shool.oh...well...


By the way, I'm a girl...but act as a boy...loved playing basketball and soccer,don't like to gossip and rumor spreading,and I avoid being with girls my age for that reason.  So I find being freinds with boys came naturally to me... I consider myself "Fair Looking". Not beautiful enough, not even pretty, but I also know, I'm not ugly.



Rrrring... Class starting now? Everyone's going somewhere... (sigh...) "Hey! Freshman Class is this way...

come lets go" a guy(who probably know that I don't know my way around)said.  So I got up and followed him,

we were being stared at, because let me tell you...He is hell of'va good looking guy, but he's too good looking for me.  "This is ours" he pointed at a nearby door "I'm John".  Smooth...this guy will probably break every girls heart, "Mari", I said and "Thank You". I found myself a chair at the back of the classroom and sat down.  Facing the doorway, looking at each student coming in, and then... I laid eyes on this guy as he stood there looking back at me. I forgot how to breath for a moment and time stood still..."Air... need Air" my brain tells me...but I was way out of it... that taking a breath hurts.  As he sat away up front, a few rows from me, I can't stop myself looking at him. And I actually hated myself for this.  This is  the first time that I've been attracted to a guy.



We get to know each other, as each school days go by. It's a private school,with a high tuition, so the number of  students are limited.  So you get to know, just about everyone.  I made friends,and  the forgot-how to-breath-guy was named Josh.  He's a charmer,and soon became a friend. And flirt to no extent when he has a mind to.  He hold a special place in my heart, and I was afraid to let him know...Because I don't want to lose him.



Now I have my high School Diploma, and many friends... but I still find myself thinking about Josh and all the what ifs.  Both of us went our seperate ways... but I do believe that when I see him again, I'll have a hard time finding Air.





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