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A Year in Hell

A Year in Hell

We rode down a turbulent river of blood on a piece of rusting scrap metal curved enough inward to serve as a crude boat. The crimson red liquid lapped up the side of our boat as we sailed roughly down. Bare, leafless trees creaked and moaned with the blowing of the Winds of Hell; their long, pointy branches reached out to us, desperate to drag us ashore and beat us mercilessly. Deranged creatures scampered out onto the limbs, jabbering a scratchy noise as they did. Their muddy skin was marred with dozens of scars, and their single eyes watched as we slowly passed them up. Then in unison, their eyes burst open, sending forth a greenish-white liquid which they let creep down their face and into their gaping mouths. Our vessel quickly led us out of the sickening view and over a blood fall. The redness of the blood stained our clothes as we hit the liquid. We glanced at each other, not certain what we were experiencing was real or just a horrible nightmare.

Our boat began to slow down after the first bend, and presently, a black haze began to fill our views. Ash was falling down on us; an active volcano just a mile away. We used our arms as a shield, but to little advantage. The ash blanketed us, coloring our skin and clothes a dirty black. A couple of dogs were noisily eating something, just to the left of us. Thank god we could not make out exactly what it was they were dining on. We stared on in a sick yet almost interested manner as the dogs made a terrible mess of the corpse. One of the dogs must have smelt us, for it turned its head in our direction, a length of intestine hanging from its jaws. It hurridly leaped into the river. The girl next to me screamed. The bloodthirsty canine paddled hungrily towards us while we cowered in a corner of our boat. Fido didn't make it to us, however, as a giant falcon swooped out of the sky and snatched it out of the river. Ear splitting yelps erupted from the dog as the falcon severed its head from its body. The falcon let the body plummet into the blood, opting to keep the head with the spinal cord still attached. It crushed the dog's skull with its razor sharp beak, causing blood and brains to rain down on us. The girl leaned over the side of the boat to vomit, but quickly jumped back, almost knocking me over. We stared at the water and noticed that it was now the home to thousands of floating excrement. A pungeant smell arose from the red waters around us. The dirty logs occasionally bumped up against the boat, leaving disgusting brown and green streaks.

We turned another bend, the pieces of shit following. The ash had stopped falling, and the wind picked up, pushing our boat along a little bit faster. Everything was silent, save the bumping of the dirty logs. Off in the distance, a faint, yet rythmic beating could be heard. The shore was now covered with grass. Dead, ugly, yellow grass, dotted with wilting flowers. The beating sound was closer now. A large brown cloud had formed on the horizon, and it seemed to be headed towards us. It did reach us a few minutes later, and we took notice that the cloud was entirely composed of flying sparrows. Their eyes shone like ice, forbidding yet daring us to do something. They circled around us before dive-bombing our little boat. Their sharp beaks left bright red holes in our skin. Their insane chirping caused fountains of blood to spew from our ears. We swung our arms around wildly, effectively crushing the damned bugs into a mess of feathers and blood.

Our rate of speed heightened; we began to plummet down into the Sea of Evil. Down another blood fall and we end up in a place where everything is ablaze. The trees now serve as torches, showing our path to the great beyond. The fire had even reached the river, burning the blood into a soupy brown. Thick smoke choked us, searing fire burned us, and devilish little Imps chittered at our misfortune as we sped towards a whirlpool of fire. The inferno twisted and churned, eager to swallow us whole and erase us from the world. We looked at each other, knowing that this was finally the end. Our lips met in our first and last kiss as the flesh melted off our bones.

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