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  Elizabeth eyed Jeremy when he left. He could see his body movement, and she held onto them until Jesse was in her view. 

  Jesse let out a painful smile, when he noticed Elizabeth’s eyes twitch. Her eyes started to water, and when they did small tears slowly drizzled down her cheeks. 

  Jesse swiped his index finger across her eyelashes; and then down toward her chin, quickly catching her dried tears. 

  Elizabeth didn't say anything, she just broke down in front of him. She landed on the floor of her room, with her back scratching the wall. She felt her nails dig deep inside her own flesh. Her spine jumped with anxiety, and she felt her heart flutter with pain, and slight tension. 

   Before she could completely breakdown, Jesse held her tight to his cool flesh. His arms wrapped tightly around her, making sure her whole body was under his skin. His fingertips danced across her warm skin, when her chest heaved quickly. 

   Elizabeth looked up, moving her head away from his chest. She wiped the corner of her eyes, and then her fist clinched his shirt. 

  “What-what are you doing?” Elizabeth asked with puffy eyes. 

  “Your hurting...” Jesse’s voice began to trail off. 

  “Not enough,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

  “Don't say that,” Jesse brokenly whispered. 

  “And don't help me, I'm fine...” she broke off, so she was able to move away from him. 

  Her body was too slow, that everything she did; or attempted to do was fraigle. 

  Elizabeth felt Jesse’s cool flesh rush over to the warmth of hers. 

  In a flash Jesse pinned her up against the corner of her wall. 

  “Jesse let me go-let me go,” Elizabeth squealed. 

  Elizabeth was exhausted, she gave up when Jesse moved closer towards her. 

  “Vanessa won't come near you,” Jesse promised. 

  “Let me go!” Elizabeth replied. 

  “Look. You can stand there and feel sorry for yourself, but that's not going to do anything. So don't stand there and act like there is another way to kill her, because there's not,” Jesse said bluntly. 

  “I hate you!” Elizabeth’s mouth trembled. 

  “No you don't,” Jesse said quietly. 

  Jesse moved in closer, pinning her cheeks into the fingertips of his skin. Her cheeks grew red, and that only made Jesse’s lips move quickly with excitement. Jesse’s legs knocked up against hers, and when he heard a thud sound from Elizabeth’s back hitting the wall he felt his body heat up expressively. 

  His lips brushed up against hers, until she parted them open. Leaving air between them both. Jesse slowly moved her lips wider, with his own. When his lips crushed against her soft lips, he pressed his body against hers. He was inches away from the wall, that was smashed up against Elizabeth’s spine. 

  Elizabeth started to squirm, but Jesse didn't seem to mind. He was being aggressive, and it seemed like neither of them cared. 

   Elizabeth quickly tilted her head,  she ran her hands against the nap of his hair. Her chest heaved in and out, with exhaustion. 

  “Happy now?” Elizabeth asked slightly hurt. Her breath sounded breathlessly.

  “Not enough,” Jesse replied. 


   “Look I can help you,” Vanessa voice was flowing with the music in Jeremy’s room. 

  “I don't need, nor want help from you,” Jeremy answered. 

  “Come on without me, your nothing and you know it. That's why I'm down here remember?” Vanessa asked. 

  Vanessa’s hands started to moved up and down Jeremy’s chest slowly. Vanessa smiled seductively, and then watched as he moved her hands. 

  “Come on if you don't want my help, we could at least fill up the time that we have right now. Let's play,” Vanessa’s voice snarled. 

  It didn't take long for Jeremy to pin her to the floor. His body on top of hers, with much force and pressure. 

  “Get the hell out of here. You threatened Elizabeth...like I said I don't want you here,” Jeremy said firmly. 

  “Come on. Elizabeth hasn't been that faithful to you either. Isn't Jesse babysitting her?” Vanessa asked. 

  Her hands now on his hips. 

  “Oh wait no-Jesse’s too busy getting inside her panties,” Vanessa said rudely. 

   Jeremy’s eyes quickly turned bloodshot red with anger. 

   His hands were forcefully tied around her neck, so tight that he didn't stop until her heard something pop. 

  “Go ahead kill me...but don't think that this will be the end. Reese will find, and kill anyone connected to you,” Vanessa managed to blurt out.

  Jeremy let go, and when he did Vanessa was quick to land on top of him. Her legs pressing against his, and her hair falling down above him, curtailing them. 

   “No one has to know,” she mumbled in his earlobe. Her hands moved their way down o his belt. 

   Jeremy quickly took her hands, and pushed her off of him. She landed on his bookshelf, with everything falling behind. 

    She moaned with pain, and then moved onto his bed.

    “You were always good with playing hard to get. We can move this to the bed If you wanna,” she said slyly. 

    “Go,” Jesse barked. 

    “Hmm,” Vanessa moaned. 

    “Vanessa,” Jeremy mumbled slightly annoyed.





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