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Pleasa Say No To Drugs



                                             Please Say No To Drugs



  Today in the Sunflower Forest,something very important was about to happen in the forest.Something

that never happen before.

    Today SoeSoe,Joejoe,and DoeDoe,decided that it was very nice morning to take a walk.what the three monkeys didn't know was,there was a stranger in town,and nobody knew his name.

  As SoeSoe,JoeJoe,and DoeDoe,were enjoying their nice morning walk,along came this nice new shiny sports car.Oh...what a car! said JoeJoe.What kind is it?Asked JoeJoe.Well that kind of car is called a Blowfly,and with the speedometer reaching 175 miles per hour,the only thing that can stop it,once it get going is a parachute,replied DoeDoe.I really would like to ride in that car said DoeDoe.Me to replied the other two monkeys.

    After the monkeys had finished their walk,they returned home to take a shower.While JoeJoe and SoeSoe were getting ready to take their shower,DoeDoe slipped back into the forest alone.As soon as DoeDoe stepped up on the forest curb,along came this beautiful nice new shiny sports car.DoeDoe were very surprise when the car pulled right up beside him.Like a lift? Asked the driver,who calls himself Tattoo. He was called Tattoo because,although he was black all over,he was covered all over with red tattoos.He had so many tattoos he didn't even need need cloths,Because with all the tattoos he was covered all over from head to toe with red tattoos. He also had on byfocal glasses because one of his eyes always seen to wonder off to the left,and that was because of all the drugs. Tattoo always wore a flop down green hat because, that sun was a killer in the forest. The drugs is not new for Tattoo because,at the age of two Tattoo choked on a bottle of Bayers Asprin.That was kind of nasty considering,he swallowed the whole entire bottle.

        DoeDoe thought that was kind of weird for a panther.DoeDoe opened the door and slid in the car,and closed the door.Nice ride said DoeDoe.You call this car a Blowfly said Tattoo. I know replied DoeDoe. It's one thing I know if I don't know anything else is that I know my cars.

    As Tattoo and DoeDoe were riding along,enjoying the nice country air,Tattoo pulled something out his pocket.Want some?Asked Tattoo.What are they asked Tattoo?Well you called these the Blues pills.Why do you called them the Blues pills?Asked DoeDoe when they are really red.I spray painted them to match my red tattoos,and my red sports car.That's pretty cool replied DoeDoe . What they do?They make you run as fast as you can,nobody can catch you, not even the Gingerbread man.I believe I'll take a couple off your hand.Thank you my good buddy,you're welcome my good friend.No it's buddy,there's a big difference between buddy and friend. Most of the time a good friend is boring so people think because he don't do drugs. Not a true friend anyway.So about five minutes later DoeDoe started to Puke,DoeDoe almost puked his guts out. DoeDoe started to turn green. Tattoo looked at his buddy,he knew right away this guy was in trouble. DoeDoe head started spinning,and before DoeDoe knew what was happening he was about to lose his mind. When Tattoo looked over at his buddy he looked like he was about dead. Tattoo suddenly slid on his breaks the parachute came out.When the car finally stopped,Tattoo looked all around to see was anyone watching he saw no one and he just threw his buddy DoeDoe outside his car and took off like a bolt of lightening. Then DoeDoe landed on the curb,almost breaking his back.What DoeDoe didn't know was that Tattoo had added his own ingrediens.Which was battery acid and it was about to eat his stomach out. But he did started running,as he started to running,he could hear Tattoo voice very far off singing run run as fast as you can,you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man. DoeDoe now was in big trouble.But Thank God somebody saw the whole thing. The somebody were two deers and their names were Dill and Pickle,If these two couldn't catch him nobody could.They finally caught up with DoeDoe,but really thought it might be too late.Friend What happen to you in that car DoeDoe. I really don't know one minute I was riding along,the next minute I was about to run my fool self to death. And then DoeDoe passed out His friends Dill and Pickle thought he had overdose. They had to get DoeDoe help real quick.About that time Dill pulled out his cell phone and dial 911.In fifteen minutes around the corner came the forest rescue wagon. when DoeDoe came to himself he was in the Sunflower Forest medical center. DoeDoe saw SoeSoe and JoeJoe and all his true friends were standing around all teary eyed.

   DoeDoe saw some writing on all his forest friends shirt,but he couldn't read it because the drugs were still in his system.Why are my eyes so blurry asked DoeDoe.About that time the doctor came in.He started to explain to DoeDoe about his condition.The doctor explain to DoeDoe and all his friend that he had been given an overdose mixed with battery acid,the two mix together began to close down his organs. a little while longer in that shape DoeDoe,you would have been our newest arrival at the Sun Flower Foret Morgue. Thank God for his grace and mercy said DoeDoe. As DoeDoe condition began to clear up he noticed all his true friends standing around his bedside wearing T-shirts that read:PLEASE SAY NO! TO DRUGS! Because they all had been around to see what drugs can do to you if not supervised by a Medical Doctor.As soon as they got all their tears wiped away,the doctor came in to talk to them.By the way says the doctor,since this is the job for the police,I have turned this matter over to theForest Patrol,whiched is my son-law Billy Wheatstraw.When Billy Wheatstraw had gotten all the information he needed,and had put everything in order.He suddenly realized that Tatto were wanted in five other states for drug trafficking.Now that Tattoo was on the TCAC[To catch a crook most wanted list] It was Billy Wheatstraw job to bring him in if he could,providing he hadn't left the jurisdition.

  When Tattoo heard the Police was looking for him,he got in that sports car and he put the peddle to the meddle.He had always kept his cloths pack and a lunch if he would ever have to leave in a hurry.This was one of those days.he was driving so fast until he didn't know where he  was in the forest or out until he saw the road sign that pointed to state line I'll be safe.So about time Tattoo got the words out his mouth he spotted the sign that read State Line Left.When Tattoo saw that sign he put that car in gear and took off turning left like the sign read. When he had turned left Tatto thought it was safe so Tattoo started to eat his dinner,because he really thought he had gotten away.Do Tell! As soon as Tattoo had relaxed and was finishing his lunch, there was a peck on the window.When Tattoo looked up he saw the police,he wasn't afraid, as a matter of fact he was feeling just a little bit on the cocky side. because he just knew he was across the state line.When Tattoo let his window down Billy Wheatstraw introduced himself as the state police. and you are under arrest I don't see what that has to do with me replied Tattoo. Since I'm way across the state line.And who told you that ?Asked the shierff. The sign back down the road. Oh yeah, about that sign. I've meaning to tell the county about that sign,but we been so low in funds with the depression and everything. whats wrong with the sign ?Asked Tattoo.Well it's like this the sign been there a long time,and its old. Might have a few scres loosen,I don't know. But you did turn left.Its a pity you didn't turn right.Why would I do a fool thing like that.The sign says left.The sign is wrong you Pee the sign being so old and all,some of the screws are missing. So any where the wind blows that's  where the sign points. Now get out the car with your hands reached high.I will tell you again you are under arrest. Now I will read you your rights.That old sign ain't so bad anyway it helped me to catch you. Without that old broke sign you might haved slipped through the cracks.P.S I got so carried away I forgot to tell you how SoeSoe,JoeJoe,and DoeDoe were dressed.They can always change their color of their skins when they got ready because under their arm they had a remote control. So since DoeDoe was coming home and the three monkeys were coming home they decided on the bright color yellow for their color.They also had on camaflauge fitigues and green cowboy boots with the hats to match. They chose yellow for their color,because yellow is bright. It wasn't like they had to buy that many cloths. When they wanted to feel blue, or red for mad. all they had to do was lift up their arm and press the button on remote controll that's was under their arm.They could change colors every minute if they choosed to.                          Guess What!!!!!!!!!THE END?????????  

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