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Explaining Summer Vacation To My Dog Boy

"I still don't get it,"The hanyou complained.

"Then you muyst be an even bigger block head than I thought."The raven haired girl argued.They had been arguing Kagome going home for Summer Vacation for what seemed like endless hours now.Their friends sat watching them go at it back and forth.They too didn't understand why Kagome was going away.

"Do you have tests,"Inuyasha yelled.

"No,"Kagome admitted.

"Study,"Inuyasha asked again.

"No,"Kagome repeated.

"Jewel Shards,"Inuyasha questioned.

"Your obsessed,"Kagome insulted folding her arms and walked away.Inuyasha followed her all the way to the well.Since they had been sitting in Kaede's hut,the trip wasn't that far away.He criticized,questioned,yelled,and begged her not to go home but Kagome was too stubborn to listen.

"Inuyasha!It's my senior year and my last vacation with my friends!So please let me for once enjoy myself,"Kagome yelled before storming off again."And I already explained Summer Vacation to you so stop asking!"Kagome was about to disappear down the well before Inuyasha asked,"Can I at least come with you?I-I mean to protect you from stuff.I mean we both know your too stupid to know how to get out of trouble.No wait I mean not that your stupid I mean you look stupid!I mean....aww crap,"Inuyasha sputtered out quickly before he heard the words sit.Kagome leaped down the well and became absorbed by its light.She looked up at the familiar roof that housed the well in her time and ran to see her family inside.Unaware that a certain hanyou was planning a way to take advantage of this 'Summer Vacation' thing.I guess it's true,old dogs just can't be taught new tricks.

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