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Dealing deals

“Jeremy...” Elizabeth’s breath went raspy. 

 “Elizabeth. Whats wrong? Are you okay?”

  “Jesse. He's-he's with Michelle,” Elizabeth said breathlessly. 

  “I thought Jesse killed her,” Jeremy protested. 

  “She has revine,” Rebecca said in the distance. 

  “I need to leave now! Rebecca, get the wooden stakes there in the garage,” Jesse demanded. 

  “Jeremy wait! safe,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

  “You too,” Jeremy pecked her lips lightly with his. 

  In a flash Jeremy was already gone.


  “Two brothers in a row, what's the occasion?” Michelle asked slyly. 

  “I don't want to hurt anyone,” Jeremy admitted. 

  “I do,” Michelle’s voice was wrapped around Jeremy’s earlobe. 

  Michelle pinned him down onto the floor. 

  “Not today,” Jesse barked. 

   Jesse jammed the wooden steak through her back, leaving a whole that slowly opened when he ripped it out of her spine. 

   “Take the ring,” Jesse muffled. 

   Jeremy did as he requested, and then he threw it to Jesse. 

   Jesse caught it with his right hand, and then stepped on it. He crushed it, and then he watched as the revine poured into the cracks in the floorboards. 

  “Burn the rest of her body, I'm going to make sure everything is okay,” Jeremy told him while getting off the floor.

  Jesse nodded, and then titled Michelle’s head towered her. He looked into her wide-opened eyes. He flinched back with disgust, and then flicked her eyelids closed. 

  “Sweet dreams,” he whispered.


  “Hey,” Jeremy opened the door to his room. 

  Jeremy took a look around, and noticed that there were candles every corner he looked. 

  “Is everything okay?” Jeremy asked while moving his body closer into the room. 

   He still couldn't see Elizabeth. 

  “Elizabeth,” Jeremy mumbled. 

  “Hello Jeremy.” The sharp voice called. 

   Behind the darkness of his room, was Vanessa in a lingerie robe, that barely covered her pale skin. She was practically naked, but Jeremy distanced himself from paying attention towards that.

  “Vanessa,” Jeremy murmured both puzzled and distracted. 

  “Well. You seemed surprised to see me,” Vanessa said seductively. 

  “I wouldn't use that term,” Jeremy mumbled. 

  Vanessa scoffed, and then wrapped her arms around his neck. 

  “Where’s Elizabeth?” Jeremy asked, his face now serious. 

  “Relax. She is with Jesse, she left about an hour ago,” she assured him. 

  “Leave. Now,” Jeremy barked. 

  “But I'm tired,” she moaned. 

  “There are seven other beds in this house, find one,” he answered roughly. 

  “By myself? I need a bed buddy, come join me,” she moaned. 

  “I'm not going to ask again, leave.” Jeremy gave her a look, that was close to frightening her. 

  “Oh come on. Jesse is getting what he wants, and I will be getting what I want-I always get what I want, I don't take no for an answer, you and I both know that,” Vanessa reminded. 

  “Before you get comfortable-in leaving,” Jeremy told her. 

  He pushed her away, and waded for the door. 

  Vanessa was too quick. She was already at the door in front of him. Her lips fell behind his, and so dis her slender fingers. Her hands twisted around the buttons on his shirt. 

  “Hold on there Jeremy,” Vanessa moaned. 

  “Get out of my way, or I physically move you myself,” Jeremy threatened. 

  “I bet you would,” Vanessa said teasingly. 

  Jeremy clinched his jaws, and then he pushed her aside. 

  “If you walk out that door, I can promise you, that you'll never see your precious Elizabeth alive again,” Vanessa threatened

  “Lies,” Jeremy said while turning his face to the side to listen. 

  “You sure?” She asked. 

  Jeremy watched as she pressed her fingers against the lit candle. She glanced at him flirtatiously and then licked her lips. 


  Jesse watched Elizabeth’s ever movement. He watched her walk into her bathroom. 

  “Are you getting naked?” Jesse asked while playing with one of her pillows. 

  “Might,” Elizabeth answered. “Why?” She asked. 

  “Hmm,” Jesse mumbled under his breath. 

  Elizabeth shut the door behind her, and Jesse could hear her bath water running. 

  “Is this going to take long?” Jesse asked slightly annoyed. 

  “I'm not a vampire Jesse, I don't have the powers to move like the speed of light, like you,” she reminded. 

  “I keep on forgetting,” Jesse groaned. 

  Jesse fell onto her bed, and stared at the ceiling. 

  Too much vampire crap in one day, Jesse thought to himself. 

  Jesse heard the water stop running, and then he sat up quickly when he saw her open the bathroom door. 

  Elizabeth came out in a long sweater, and pale green underwear. 

  Jesse felt his body warm up, which wasn't usual considering he was Jesse. 

  Jesse swallowed his low grunt, before it could slip through his lips.

  “Thanks for helping me take care  of Michelle’s body,” Jesse murmured. 

  “Is Jesse actually thanking me?” Elizabeth teased. 

  “Ha. Don't get used to it human, I don't often do this sentimental crap,” Jesse growled playfully. 

   Elizabeth tucked a strain of hair behind her ear, and then hugged one of her stuffed animals. 

   “Well. You practically tried to save my life, so I thank you for that,” Elizabeth admitted. 

   “Your damn right I did princess,” Jesse told her. 

   The door opened behind them, which made them both turn to look upwards their left. 

   “Elizabeth I was just checking on you, and making sure you were okay,” Jeremy said while closing her door. 

   “I'm fine. You?” She asked. 

   Jeremy wrapped his arms around her, and then brushed his lips across her hair. 

   “Fine now,” he brokenly whispered.

   “Where were you?” Jesse asked bluntly. 

   “Vanessa-she's back,” Jeremy answered. 

   “Huh?” Elizabeth asked firmly. 

   “How? I thought we told that bitch to leave,” Jesse growled. 

   “She's willing to make a deal. She knows the spell to break this curse on Elizabeth,” Jeremy told him. 

  “How do you know she’s not lying? She tends to do that,” Jesse reminded. 

  “We need to at least find out, we can't if we don't,” Jeremy answered. 

  “But with Vanessa though?” Elizabeth asked. 




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