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 “I wish you could make it to the dance,” Elizabeth told Jeremy. 

 “I know, and I wish I could to. But, Rebecca needs me to watch over Vanessa. You and Jesse will have fun though,”  Jeremy told her. 

 Jesse smiled lightly, and then began to rock back and forth on his heels. 

  Elizabeth looked down, and when she did Jeremy took her cheeks, and began to kiss her lips. 

Jesse looked in the other direction disgusted, as their lips began to tighten around each others.

 “Were going to be late,” Jesse called out while scratching the nap of his hair. 

Jeremy didn't respond, he took

 his time when he pulled away, and then gave her a hug. 

“You look beautiful,” he brokenly whispered. 

“Thank you,” she mumbled while kissing him once more. 

Jesse yawned, and then began to walk out the door. 


   “I must say you clean up nice,” Elizabeth told Jesse. 

 Jesse scoffed lightly, and then took her waist. He pulled her closer towards him, and then wrapped all of his fingers around hers.

   “Surprised?” He finally asked while spinning her around. 

  She went under his arm, and then laughed when he caught her 

   “No. I'm just so used to seeing you In...” she stopped. “You look nice,” she finished. 

“Thank you,” He mumbled shyly. She smiled, and then wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, then her head slowly found his neck. As she rested it against the tip of his shoulder, He smiled with relief. 

  “Thanks so much for coming, I know you really didn't want to so...” 

  “If I didn't I wouldn't be here,” I assured her while breaking her off. “And your welcome,” Jesse finished. 

  She smiled nervously, and then touched his cheek. 

  When a new song appeared, she sighed slowly. 

  “I like this song,” she told him. 

   Jesse didn't speak, He just began to listen to the sound of her heartbeats. They were picking up each and every time she started to breathe. 

  “I can feel your heartbeats,” He told her. 

 “I can feel yours,” she answered. 

 “No you can't, I don't have a heart,” he warned her. 

 “You do,” she exclaimed. 

 “No,” he mumbled. “I don't feel anything,” he added. 

Elizabeth scoffed lightly, and then began to sway slower with him to the music. 

  “You can if you want to,” she told him.

 “Most of the time I chose not to,” he told her.

 “How come?” She asked him.

  Elizabeth pulled him closer, to listen to him properly. 

 “Because the women-I fall for tend to break my heart,” Jesse answered.  

 “I thought you said you didn't have a heart,” Elizabeth whispered. 

 “Like I said, it's already broken,” Jesse mumbled. 


  “Jesse!” Rebecca charged for him. 

  “Rebecca what are you doing here? I thought you were at my place watching Vanessa?” Jesse asked both puzzled and distracted. 

  “It's Michelle, she's back,” Rebecca said out of breath. 

  “How?” Jesse asked. 

  “Back? Wait what's going on?” Elizabeth asked nervously. 

  “Elizabeth go with Rebecca,” Jesse demanded. 

  “Jesse,” Elizabeth cried. 

  “Now,” Jesse barked. 

  “Where is she?” Jesse asked while picking up his pace. 

  “Gymnasium, I just had a vision of her asking for you,” Rebecca answered. 


   “I thought I killed you,” Jesse told Michelle while walking over towards her slowly. 

   “And I thought we had a deal,” Michelle answered slyly. 

   Jesse noticed dead teachers on the floor right next to her. 

   “Hungry?” Jesse asked. 

   “Hmm,” Michelle moaned. 

   “Listen I killed you once, I can kill you again but I can reassure you that this time you won't be coming back,” Jesse warned. 

  “No you listen...” Michelle broke off to tighten her hands around his neck. 

  “I can kill your precious Elizabeth, and assure you that she won't be coming back either,” Michelle threatened. 

  “Threatening doesn't make you pretty,” Jesse warned. 

  “If you weren't so hot, I would have killed you by now,” Michelle mumbled. 

  “Appreciate it,” Jesse scoffed. 

  Jesse’s hands were now on her neck. Michelle started to grunt. 

  He noticed the ring around her middle finger. 

   “Revine,” Jesse mumbled. 

   “That's right. No matter how many times you kill me, I’m just going to come right back,” Michelle warned. 

   “Jesse wait!” In a flash Elizabeth opened the door. 

   Jesse cursed under his breath. 

   “Elizabeth leave! Now!” Jesse yelled. 

   “Well. Well. Well. What do we have here? Elizabeth Carter.”    

  Michelle slowly walked over towards her. 

  “Elizabeth leave now!” Jesse’s voice began to slow down. 

  “Why? She will miss out on all the fun,” Michelle said factiously. 

  Jesse pushed Michelle in the neck of time. 

  “Playing rough?” Michelle asked. 

  “No! Please!” Elizabeth yelled. 

  Michelle’s teeth sank into Elizabeth’s skin. Elizabeth squirmed and while she screamed it was agonizing. 

 Jesse pushed Michelle away, and then Elizabeth in the opposite direction. 

  “Rebecca get Elizabeth out of here, I got Michelle,” he said while examining her. 

  “Yes. Let's play for a little bit,” Michelle said while cracking her neck.



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