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New clan

  “Michelle?” Jeremy asked confused. 

  “Yea. She wants Elizabeth dead,” Jesse answered. 

  “Why?” Jeremy asked. 

  “Because I killed her lover,” Jesse answered annoyed. 

  “Is she a clan member of Reese?” Jeremy asked. 

  “Okay. You know these questions aren't going to get us anywhere. Just let me snap her head off real quick,” Jesse suggested. 

  Jesse ran his fingers down the countertop in the kitchen. Then he slowly sucked onto the pouch that was full of human blood. 

  “No, let's just talk to her about it, see what she really wants with Elizabeth,” Jesse said logically. 

  “Do you ever really listen to the crap your saying?” Jesse asked. 

  “Jesse,” Jeremy mumbled. 

  “I'm finding her, and I'm killing her,” Jesse barked. 


   “She wants to kill me?” Elizabeth cried. 

   “Elizabeth. I promise that Michelle or whoever this vampire is after you, Jesse and I will do whatever we can to stop her, it's my job to protect you,” Jeremy assured her. 

    Elizabeth curved her lips, and then pressed them together slowly. 

   “I want you,” she mumbled. 

   “Now?” Jeremy asked. 

   Elizabeth didn't answer; her eyes just followed her hands as they traveled down his belt hoops. Jeremy's lips hovered over hers. 

   Elizabeth nodded when her fingertips grasped his shirt. 


   “You came,” Michelle’s voice was weak. 

   “You seem shocked to see me,” Jesse murmured. 

   “Hmm,” Michelle brokenly whispered. 

   “You sure you want to do this?” Jesse asked. 

   “Do I get Elizabeth afterwards?” Michelle asked. 

   “If your good,” Jesse said bluntly. 

   Jesse wiggled his eyebrows, and then ran his fingers down her collarbone. 

   Michelle kissed his lips slowly, and then drew her hands towards her robe. Her hands wrapped around his neck. 

   “How fast can you get out that robe?” Jesse asked her while running his fingers down her robe.  


  Jesse examined Michelle, when he did he slowly ran his lips across her earlobe. 

  “You smell...delicious,” Jesse mumbled. 

   The coolnest of his breath span around in circles in her ear. 

   “Show me,” Michelle brokenly whispered. 

   “Only because you asked,” Jesse told her. 

   Without hesitation his teeth sunk deep into her skin. 

   “Hmm,” Michelle moaned. 

   She slowly grunted, and then she grasped for air. 

   Jesse’s hands wrapped around her breast for a tighter grip. 

   “Ah,” she groaned. 

   Jesse’s fingers dug deep into her lips, so she wasn't able to squirm. 

   “Enough,” she groaned. 

   Jesse didn't answer his mouth just dug a deep whole deep into her skin, he could feel the veins rushing into his tongue. Jesse could feel her squirm around for air, but he knew that the weight of his body crushed her. 

   Michelle was motionless. 

   Jesse pulled away, and then rolled over to his side. 

   He picked up his phone. 

   “Jeremy,” Jesse mumbled through the phone. 

   “Yes?” Jeremy asked. 

   “The deed is done,” Jesse answered. 



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